Friday, March 9, 2012


Blogfriend, Saundra wanted to see the rug all stretched out ~ here it is, girlie!!  In the last three evenings, I've hooked the area from the red squiggle to the area over the right rooster's tail.  Not a lot each time but it takes me a long time to do a hit and miss style!

Here it is, up close and personal!  I hook the colored strips out of my leftover strip basket, a little mindful of the color but not a lot.  Some are skinny and some are 8's and 9's, just using what I have.  Then fill in with the neutral background wool .

These four wools are pretty  much in all the same values ~ I love that word ~ it makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about!  But ~ you do get a nice all over effect and it works well with the shots of color coming from the squigggles!  When I took classes from Karen Kahle the last couple of years, she really did help get that to sink into my brain!!  By the way, Karen has a great new blog ~ check it out!!

This morning the mail lady drove right in the drive, so I knew she had something important other than envelopes!!  Just look ~ a present for moi!!! Such a cute little stitched wabbit in a pot with a cute little hang tag and he brought his own grass!!  I have been wrestling with this cold all week ~ feeling very poorly ~ and sweet friend, Charisse (one of my hooking pals) sent this to me to make me all better!!  I love it and even more, I love that Charisse cared enough to do that for me!!  Look ~ I'm better already!!!  Thank you so much, Charisse ~ she's like an angel ~ so happy to have her and her other pals as my friends!!

Sonny has worked at Kelley's Island all week ~ I was gonna have some fun ~ meet this one and that one for lunch and wine in the evening, etc.  Instead, I had cocktails of benadryl, Motrin, vicks on my chest, and stayed wrapped up in my blankie ~ what a bummer!!  Still not top notch but I have to meet Sonny at the ferry this evening and then we're seeing a customer tomorrow.  Thank goodness, I have Tad's sitter coming to stay with him ~ the last thing he needs is to be trapped in a car with this coughing, sneezing mother!!! 

I hope you've been able to stay germ free and are anxiously awaiting Spring!  Remember to Spring forward tomorrow night ~ won't that be fun!!  I've kind of lost the spring in my step right now so maybe that will help!!! 



Sunnie said...

Roosters lookin' good, Alice!!! Aren't we having fun!!!! Love your colours...I needed a "colour fix" while I'm working with a restricted palette!!! Yeeks!
Hugs, Sunnie ;)

dulcy said...

Roosters are very handsome indeed, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Karen's blog is a delight! Also, what a lovely gift......

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love the colors you are using in your rug!! It looks great!

woollylottrugs said...

Loving that rug Alice. I have the same but haven't hooked it yet. Hope you feel better soon. I'm ducking everyone!! Lots of sick people around!


acorn hollow said...

I love your rug and the bunny is sweet.
I am looking for spring.

Julia said...

I hope that you can shake that cold real soon.
Your rooster rug is coming right along and that wool is real yummy. I can see some possibilities with it.

How lucky to have friends who go to the trouble of making something special for you. Cute potted bunny. Do you suppose that it's going to grow some more little bunnies?
Have a great weekend Alice. Hugs. JB

Kim said...

Great roosters. I'm intrigued with how you are hooking the background. It looks really nice. Shake that cold so you can enjoy Spring.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I'm LOVIN' your roosters. I may choose that pattern for my retreat this summer. (Yippee! My first real retreat!!!)
Hope you fell better soon. I felt that way last week. Ugh!
Charisse's bunny is just too cute. How nice of her!
Hugs :)

Ter'e said...

Oh Alice.........your Rooster Rug is just the cutest!!!! I love what you are doing with them! On a 1 to 10 scale.................this is a 33.
Love it!!!!!

Feel better honey. You need whiskey, honey and lemon, for sure.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Oh my gosh that rug is wonderful! I love the colors... it really looks like an antique...can't wait to see the finish.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Alice, Thanks for your comment re the DLD. I must confess to falling a little behind in my blog reading while I have been here. Will have to do some catching up when I get home again.

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Love your rug-in-progress and the wabbit is adorable. I'm sure it was the perfect pick me up. And thanks for the link to Karen's new blog.

jennifer768 said...

Loving the rug! Hugs,Jen

My Colonial Home said...

Morning, your work AWESOME....oh to hook like that.
Love the colors.