Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 After finishing the 1668 Geometric ~ which by the way came from a design on an old Bible box (Barb told me) ~ Magdalena's Rooster Pair is back on the frame.  The last three evenings have been spent doing a little hooking that filled in over his cockscomb and the area to the right of his head!  So progress is being made!!  Woo hoo!!

These beautiful pieces of dyed indigo mandalas and a moon and a couple of pieces of kimono silk, arrived in the 
mail the other day!  They're from Glennis Dolce ~ Shibori Girl ~ I love her indigo dying!  This is the second packet I've ordered ~ now, to make them into something! If you get a chance, drop over to see her artistic endeavors!  
We were at the lake this weekend ~ made a trip to Kelley's Island Friday afternoon in the rain, with the wind kicking up!  Sonny had to check on a job that he'll be doing and since the ferry was running and the Village Pump was opening ~ off we went!  We had a two hour window to be there as the ferry is on short hours ~ we checked out the job and got to the Pump for a couple of cocktails and back on the ferry we got!!  Sonny did some beach glass hunting alone on Saturday and on Sunday, we parked the truck by the roadside on the way out of town and picked up these!!  Look at the beautiful turquoise perfectly round nugget that Sonny found!!  It was worth the stop in the cold and the wind!!  We are obsessed!!

I'm in the throes of a winter head cold ~ the kind where you'd like to cut your head off at the neck and be done with it!!  I've missed some fun things in the last two days because of it ~ one of them being that Luke was coming over this evening ~ he opted out ~ didn't want gramma's germs before they go on vacation!  Can't blame him much ~ smart kid!! 

Take care and if you can, stay away from your germy friends!!!  Talk to you in a couple of days!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
LOVE the green cockscomb! I know I am going to covet that rug!
You have been finding quite the haul of beach glass. That turquoise piece is wonderful!!! Worth it for sure. I've thought about it, but am not ready to brave the weather on the beach. The winds are ferocious today!
Hope you feel better soon.
Pug hugs :)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I'm loving your rug. Wonderful play above the rooster too! Hope your cold gets better soon.
The beach glass is great...and that turquoise piece is perfect! What a find.

Saundra said...

Oh Alice, cannot wait to see the whole rug hooked and spread out. You are such a fantastic and creative hooker. Who would have ever thought of a green cockscomb? Loving it!

Hope you get feeling better. I know my sinuses have been playing havoc with me since it is pollen season.


Julia said...

Alice, I'm sorry about your bad head cold. Mine is finally gone and I don't want it back. I'm trying to stay away from germy friends but sometimes they come to me, lol...

A very distinguished rooster like no other, wearing his green cockscomb with pride. Now I would have never thought of that. He really commands attention. I think that he'll be real popular.

Seeing all that beach glass makes me want to search the river side this sumer. I think that my scavenger grandkids would absolutely love that.

Hope that you feel all better real soon. Hugs, JB

Tammy Burks said...

Loving your background on this one!

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a pretty rug!I have never seen beach glass but I bet it would be fun to find.Thanks for sharing.