Monday, March 19, 2012


 Beautiful aren't they?  Skeins of hand-dyed roving for your viewing pleasure!!  This weekend at the wholesale market, this was just waiting to come home with me!  Love it!  I'll be packaging this in smaller amounts along with compatible yarns & fibers to sell in April at The Gathered Treasures show ~ probably keeping some for my stash, too!

These "Wool" signs will be for sale and I picked up some dinner napkins to cover our small hooking frames ~ they make a nice little cover for those pokey wires!  Other than that, there wasn't a lot there for me ~ the one market is making a practice of letting people in on set-up day, so by the actual day of the market, things are pretty picked over ~ note to self ~ be one of those that goes the day before!  I'm a slow learner!!

I was going to start out this post by saying last week was uneventful ~ but, really, I was pretty busy!  Went to Columbus to two markets, met friend Lori for a nice lunch, shopped, got an oil change in the car, went to Whole Foods (such a fun place to buy groceries!), got a new pair of shoes at DSW where I just happened to ask if they keep coupons on record ~ they do ~ there were $20 in coupons waiting for me!! Woo Hoo!!!  That was Friday and part of Saturday ~ Saturday evening we went to the St. Baldrick's fundraiser where friend Melody was getting her head shaved for kids' cancer research ~ had dinner with them and stopped at the Happy Grape on the way home!  And Friday night, we worked the gate at the Builders Home Show!!   That was a full two days!! 

Procrastination is my middle name ~ today ~ right now ~ I'm sitting in this office and getting the taxes ready for the accountant and not leaving until it's done!  Well, I have to leave Wednesday to get my nails done ~ and Thursday to take Marge to lunch, etc. etc.!!  Ta ta for now, friends!!