Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Well ~ this, actually, all took place the weekend before last!  We had friends, Vivian & Lou, up for the day and as we were driving around, this visual feast for the eyes was sitting at a local waterside pub ~ just waiting for me to take it's picture!!!  Isn't this the craziest thing?  I loved it and knew you would, too!  Click on it to see all the fun things that make up what looks like a parade float!!  But I think it was some guy's car!!!!!!

There was also a sailboat regatta that day ~ this picture is pretty far away but if you click on it, you can see what a beautiful sight those sailboats made!

This was our glass collection from that weekend ~ pretty good haul, wasn't it? See all the lucky stones in the middle?  I just got some bracelet blanks and I'm going to try my hand at jewelry making ~ just like so many others are doing these days!  Almost every craft or art show you go to, is overrun with jewelry ~ mine will be just for fun!  If it works out, I'll show you some pictures!!!

Just in case, someone in the area of Port Clinton is looking for a fine leather chair and ottoman ~ here it is!!  It's a long story (all of mine are) , but we replaced the upstairs sofa and loveseat ~  the chair didn't match the new set (of course) so we HAD to buy the chair that goes with them!  At any rate, this one is in the lower level ~ hardly ever has anyone sat on it ~ and we're selling it  and putting the upstairs mis-matchy chair in it's place.   Email me ~ ~ IT'S JUST LIKE NEW!!!! 

Last weekend, we stayed home to gather with Sonny's family in honor of his brother, Paul.  They had a bonfire and pot-luck at their farm ~ like they would do on so many occasions ~ and friends and family were together to comfort his wife and kids ~ and each other.  It was sad but also Paul would have loved it ~ he was with us in spirit!

We are off for a four-day weekend ~ unheard of for us!  Tad will be staying with his sitter for part of the weekend, while we have overnight guests.  Yesterday, I took him out to lunch and shopping for cd's and dvd's ~ his favorite thing to do ~ because he hadn't been out in so long and I thought he needed a change of pace.  On the way home, I asked him "did you have a good day?"  He said " yes ~ it's 'kiss up' Wednesday"!  I said 'what does that mean?'  He says, in all his wisdom " Thursday, you go to the lake ~ Wednesday, I go shopping ~ that's 'Kiss Up' Wednesday"!!!!!!!!!!  I laughed all the way home!!!!!!!!!  He may be developmentally challenged but he's pretty darn smart and pretty darn funny!!!!!!!! 

I hope somebody's 'kissing up' to you today!!!!!!  Have a good weekend ~


dlpavlock said...

Tad's remark really made me smile.

Cathy G. said...

Hi Alice!
Gotta get me a truck like that to drive around! What a hoot!
Tad can come and live here any ol'day...... love his sense of humor!
You have fun on that get-away! We don't get away anymore at all either! Makes when you do go all the more special!
Loved your comment today on my silly blog. Yep, Both Pearl and Frank are gone hopefully belting out the tunes in the forever after!
Cathy G

Kim said...

That ride is pretty hilarious! :o) Can't wait to see your beach glass jewelry! I love beach glass...yet here I am land-locked in South Dakota! Go figure! LOL Tad...hysterical!!! He's on to you! ha! I love the chair....if only we lived closer..looks like it might be a comfy stitching chair!

Miccosukee said...

Tad is one smart cookie!


mdgtjulie said...

Kiss up Wednesday, that's just awesome!! I wonder how long it took him to do that to his truck? Lots of work in it!! I can't wait to see your jewelry, I love that kind of stuff. I've never seen Sea Glass irl so I'll be interested in what you put together!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
What a great comment from Tad. He's got your number!
You find much better beach glass in PC than I find in Lorain. I find mostly tiny shards. Lucky you!
Pug hugs :)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

That's one cool truck. I'm looking forward to seeing your jewelry creations. I just love handmade jewelry.
Stay cool!

Debra Lloyd said...

Ha! Kiss Up Wednesday! Gotta remember that one and use it on my husband next time he goes off to do something fun.
The truck looks like an Art Car. I know they have festivals in NM. My neice and her husband have one called "The Hedgehog." We all find our ways to create!

Kim said...

Omigosh - that Tad is a hoot. His insight is priceless.
Its nice you all got together with family to honor Paul. I lost a dear friend 4 years ago and each year on the anniversary his parents host a party. Tim wanted that and we are all together, laughing, crying sometimes and sharing.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

That's some truck!!!

I started my first beach glass collection in B'dos this winter and my friend Jane is an expert - kept making me throw back the ones that "aren't ripe" yet.

Can't wait to see what you make.

Love the "kiss 'up Wednesday" - great post.

Anonymous said...

Have fun Alice,(and Sonny)! Love Tad's comment! (:

newburyarts said...

*****as written before...your son is only the reflection of a family with great love and excellent parenting on your part! many blessings to the two of you...he was sent to you for a reason and it clearly shows that this was a great match!