Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Do you know who this is?  We didn't ~ until one of our lake neighbors enlightened Sonny.  Last weekend, this was sitting on the back of a landscaping trailer, parked at the end of the Moose parking lot.  It is a bronze statue of WOODY HAYES ~ famed OSU football coach from 1951-1978 (I had to look that up)!  There is a landscaper who lives in our complex and evidently, Woody was going to be installed in someone's yard? or in a commercial job somewhere ~ it was actually, pretty impressive!

Such a beautiful view off our deck ~ this lone heron looked like he was posing!  We had weekend company from home ~ friends Cliff and Margo and their daughter and husband.  It was so bloody hot, that we took a little tour around the area, and came back to the condo to cool our heels in the a/c!  We took them to the Moose for perch sandwiches for lunch, the Islander Grille for dinner and I fixed a really good quiche (friend Carol's recipe) for Sunday breakfast and away they went!  You know our weekends consist of lots of eating  and adult beverages ~ it was so darned hot, we couldn't treat them to our favorite pastime of
sitting on the rocks!!  We hope they'll come again when it's cooler!

This was our beach glass bounty from three mornings of scouring the beach!  We were able to be at the lake for four days ~ a real treat for us! Lots of lucky stones in the lower left ~ a few bits of red and blue ~ and to the right (the white stick-looking like thing) is a fisherman's needle.  Friend Heidi had shown us one and this was the first we have seen in our beach walks.  It might be a real thing or it might be folklore but ~ it is the bone out of some kind of fish, at the top there is an opening that you could thread, and fishermen used it for mending their nets!! True or not, it's a good story!

Here are my efforts at jewelry making! The top bracelet is made with lucky stones ~ lucky stones are the earbone of a sheephead fish ~ I also just learned that from google ~ I had heard it was the cheekbone but now I know different!

The bottom is green beach glass ~ kind of bright but kind of pretty.  I'll try my hand at making more ~ it takes 12 pieces of glass or stones ~ and the glass has to be just the right size ~  so it won't take long to use up what we have!
Have a good Sunday ~ the weekend is almost over!  I feel like I'm on a spinning top ~ hanging on for the ride!!  See you soon!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Love the bracelets! Sounds like you had a nice visit despite the heat. Hope the weather cools off for you soon!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I'm no big football fan, but even if I was, I don't think I'd want a bronze of Woody in my!
I hope to go beach glass hunting later today. You done good! Love the bracelets. I still haven't quite figured out what the lucky stone is. I just don't know what I'm looking for.
Pug hugs :)

Lori Ann Corelis said...




Joanne said...

Why thank goodness for google! You've learned a lot! Love the beach glass and bracelets! Sounds like a great visit - just hanging and eating and drinking!

dlpavlock said...

I so miss the beach, this summer it was a new knee or the beach and you know what I chose. Love the beach glass, you were so lucky to find blue.

The Barn Door said...

LOVE what you did with the bracelets!!!

Patty ♣ said...

How Cool you are to make these bracelets from meaningful things! I live near the ocean and pick up wee stones so often. I would love to make a bracelet like you have!

Unknown said...

Love the bracelets I grew up on Long Island surrounded by four beaches 2 in walking distant and I loved collecting glass and shells. I was collecting for the top of a table made from a barrel from the telephone company used for cable and then covering the top with poly. Thank you for sharing your pictures and talents..Have a great week God bless patricia

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Can't believe that these are your first attempt!! They are pretty awesome. Good for you. I will start collecting sea glass with a keener eye from now on.

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