Sunday, July 10, 2011


 It has taken me several weeks to post these rugs ~ no excuse ~ I'm just like a dog chasing my tail ~ round and round I go!  I love Linda's rug!  Linda is a new hooker ~ she came to one of my proddy classes and she has done a fabulous job on the Lexington Proddy Sheep!  She has some border to finish but I couldn't wait ~ Linda, you have hooked a really great rug!!! 

Stacie hooked this cute rug ~ it's a pattern that she bought from me ~ I can order some in if anyone would like to add it to your pattern stash!!!

 Here's another sweet sheep ~ my weakness!!

There was a display of 'first rugs' ~ I thought this was a very ambitious first rug ~ and very well done!

 This crazy rug is my 'first rug'!!  I went to a retreat at Shaker Village, in Kentucky that Margo White and Sandy Kandris used to host!  Friends Heidi, Danese, Gloria and I went for several years ~ it was always a great time!  I met Betsy Reed there ~ and the infamous Jeanne "Red" Langston (one of the funniest  and prettiest women you'll ever meet!) and lots of other great gals from all over the country.  Actually, Betsy is hosting her own retreat there this month ~ wish I could go ~ I know they'll do a great job!

Friend Charisse saved me a seat so we could visit!! 
I'm such a gadfly that I never hooked a loop!!  I wandered ~ I ate ~ I visited ~ I looked at what everyone else was doing ~ I shopped from Betsy ~ and just had a great day all the way around!! 

This lion rug is gonna be great!!  Friend Donna started this at one of Barbara Carroll's classes ~ I like it a lot!!  If I would get back to hooking, I would put this on the 'to do list'!!!! 

Katie puts together a really nice gathering ~ there were lots of hookers there ~ and lots of vendors ~ she treats us very well!   Next year, I'll be one of the vendors!!  I'm excited!!

Have a good weekend ~ and hook something nice!!  That's if you're a hooker ~ if not ~ just enjoy yourself whatever you do!!



Tammy Burks said...

Thanks for all the rug sharing! Perfect start to my day!

weaverpat said...

haha! Those hook-ins where you don't pull a loop are the most fun! When you have a chance to eat, shop, look at everyone's work and TALK, it shouldn't go to waste. Glad you had a great time.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Next year, I'm going, Alice! My friend invited me this year, but I had other obligations for that day. I love the "Never Can have Too Much Wool" rug..I think that is adorable! Thanks for posting!

The Barn Door said...

Beautiful rugs. Sheep rugs are my favorite!

Jacque. said...

ohhhhh, loving all the rugs! I'm with can one hook when there are so many other things to, shop, look, etc.,etc. Glad you had a wonderful time.

mdgtjulie said...

I'm a stitcher, so I'll stitch on something nice. Or not so nice, lol. Today is Jesus and I just hate him. So we'll see. I love all the rugs you showed. And it's true, you can never have enough wool!! Or fabric or floss or charts and patterns... Hope you get back to hooking soon!!

Carol Wander said...

I definitely need to attend one of these hook-ins. I've been too caught up in gardens and kids soccer practices. Any coming up soon in Ohio? I just posted some new patterns, at least I'm designing even if I'm not hooking!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
That was a great hook-in and I never got my frame out to pull a loop either!
It is so hard to find the time to hook, but I'm trying. Maybe one of these days I'll re-do the ears on my Lexington sheep rug and get it bound....then again, it may be a while :)
Hugs :)

jennifer768 said...

Lovely rugs! Jen

Cammie said...

Thanks for sharing, I just love looking at rugs!!!

Linda said...

Well...imagine my surprise when I opened your post and saw my Proddy sheep rug!
Now why can't I take a decent picture of it? Still need to finish my border. And, I love hook-ins........can't wait to go to another.

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