Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm back!!!  The last post was about the Gathered Treasures show ~ the next day, 6 of my rug hooking friends and I left for Barbara Carroll's for a 3 day class and marathon eating binge!!  The food is awfully good in Ligonier, Pa. !!!  This is friend Carol's Hadley Welcome rug ~ that woman can hook ~ fast!!  Beautiful colors, aren't they?

Dear sweet Peggy tackled a really big rug this time ~ Mr. Paisley! It really is going to be a spectacular rug ~ beautiful colors and Peggy is doing a great job on it!

Cyndy's rug is also sizable ~ often the rug pattern is larger than what you think when you pick it out from a line drawing!  This is Pumpkin Hollow and Cyndy always picks such nice soft antiquey colors ~ I love the house residing on top of the pumpkin ~ it will look great in her house!

Here's my friend, Heidi, practically hiding behind her rug!  This is a huge project ~ an Emma Lou Lais pattern, Antique Floral!  Heidi has decided this is a two-class rug ~ there is so much color planning to do and she and Barb got most of it done.  Her colors are very dusky and antique tones ~ it's going to be a great old-looking rug!
Gloria got a lot done on her rug ~ it's a pattern that Barb taught and you can place your own choice of motifs around the rug wherever you like!  A lot going on in that little rug ~ a great opportunity to use lots of different wools!

And here's Miss Julie ~ she nearly finished this rug in three days ~ she's a hooking machine!  Her version of Kinderhook Basket is really soft and old looking ~ just like the original that hangs in Barb's hall.  Kind of makes me interested in doing this one sometime!
Lastly ~ here's my little project!  Tom is the pattern name but I'm calling it  "Wild-a$$ed Cat Rug"!!  It's pretty darn colorful and lots of glitter ~ maybe a reflection of it's maker?! I love sparkly wool and took along some of my stash to incorporate into Tom and it ended up that it's more sparkle than not!  He looks a little Halloweeny and it will be interesting to find a place for him to hang here in the old homestead!  Actually, he doesn't look that loud in this photo but trust me ~ he's got a lot goin' on!!

I just had to include this picture of Barb's new kitty cat (whose name totally escapes me right now) and her new friend, Carol!  These two caused us to laugh a lot that week ~ Carol is allergic to cats and is not very fond of them either ~ this cat LOVED her, to say the least!  Every time we turned around, the sweet Maine Coon kitten was on Carol or her rug ~ isn't that the way it always is!  She was a very good sport about it ~ and we all loved that cute kitty!

So that was our week in Ligonier ~ lots of hooking, shopping and eating! I added to my yarn stash at a couple of the knitting shops ~ I'm trying to incorporate interesting fibers into my rugs and found some really pretty ones ~ I'll take a picture and show you sometime.  All of my things from that week and from the show are literally piled in the middle of the hooking room ~ between housework, office work and trying to make some headway in the gardens, it's still all sitting right there, waiting for me to organize it!  And now I'm off to have my mammies grammed ~ have a great day wherever you are!!!!!!!


Kim said...

All such great rugs. Those gals sure can hook fast! I can relate to Carol and the kitty. I'm not particularly a "cat person" but whenever there is one around, it makes a bee-line for me!
Hope your "mammy-grammer" is gentle!

Tammy Burks said...

Wow! A lot of pretty rugs getting started....loved the picture of the kitty and the hooker...too cute!

Unknown said...

Wow lots of great rugs being hooked. Loved them all.
Loved the kittie, loving a non cat person. So typical.

weaverpat said...

What an exciting week! And so many beautiful big rugs!!!
Hope in time you will be showing the finished rugs.
Gotta love that cat, a creature that shares our interests!!! LOL!
Good luck with the mammy-grabber!

Brenis said...

WOW! What a great couple of days!!! Absolutely love the rugs being made! (favorite was the first one, edyth's design - brain going blank on me now of course lol)
Now... how is it that everyone had their pics taken WITH their rugs... and your wild cat was all alone?!? :D Funny how that happens! LOL My poor rugs are always alone too! :D
That sweet little kitty, just knows that deep down Carol WANTS to be a cat person, and is trying to help sway her! Ya think? :D

Gayle said...

Wow! Love all the rugs you shared - some of them are really BIG! It would be a dream come true for me to take a class at Barb Carroll's place - I'll bet you had so much fun!

Kim said...

Alice..WOW! Those are all gorgeous!!! That would be such a fun trip! One of these years when I can really claim the title rughooker.....

I LOVE your kitty!!! FUN!

Cathy G. said...

The girls sure love those larger rugs! They are looking marvelous! I wish I knew what it is about cats being attracted to people who don't like them! It's like they are sayin' awe come on, you can't be serious, we're soooo cute!! Pat has me laughing (mammy grabber LOL Hope your day goes well there! xxoo Cathy G

Julie said...

Oh Alice we did have fun! And let the record show, I tried to get a picture of you holding your rug, but you would not cooperate. It was so nice to have you back with us this year! I already miss being there. I still have some pictures to post too. I can't wait to see your great kitty done!

ShabbySheep said...

Beautiful rugs! I'm interested in hooking the one Julie is working on, Kinderhook basket. Is that one of Barb's patterns?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
OH! I am so jealous!!! It looks like you had a great time. All the rugs are wonderful, but Carol's Hadley welcome rug is my favorite. What wonderful colors!
How typical of the kitty to want to hang with the non-kitty person. Too funny.
Hope all went well with the boobs!
Pug hugs :)

Jacque. said...

ohmygosh...those rugs in progress are all so beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time.

MyCretanlife said...

What is the fabric that you hook onto? I have used burlap before but yours looks different.

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