Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last week, the hooking room/studio really got organized ~ I had to take pictures right there and then, because it won't take me long to get it all ajumble (if that's a word)! This six-sided table is built around a post that was in the middle of the room ~ this post was a source of aggravation to me for a long time before it came to me to work with it and not against it! It's a perfect table to hook around or for our grandpeople to color or make crafts or whatever.

This nice long built-in work table houses the sewing machine, serger and embellisher ~ each has it''s own little area and believe me, I know that this whole hooking room is just such a blessing to have!

All of these cubbies hold my personal wool stash and the hand-dyed wool that I sell. I haven't 'dyed' since my last show so I need to find some time to add to my stock. There is plenty of wool there just waiting to be over-dyed ~ but it probably won't happen this week!

I love the wizardly paper border ~ it kind of ties in the fact that children use this room and a childlike person who has her own wizard hat also resides here! This is a sizable space and there's easily room for a dozen or more hookers to work their magic! If you live close by and would like to bring your group here, email me and we'll make a plan!

I'm off to do some shopping for our local homeless shelter ~ when I spoke with the director this morning, she said they need silverware badly, among other things! They have two forks! 70 people all eating with spoons!! Our homebuilders group always donates to the shelter so I'm getting what they need now ~ it seems silly to wait for Christmas. Stories like this that make us so grateful for all that we have in our lives!

In several things I have read this past week, there was a recurring theme of "Be the Change You Want to See" ~ I'm trying! Have a good day, friends!


JoJo said...

Wow, Alice. Thanks for the peek into your hooking area! What a wonderful place it is, warm and comfy but yet a serious place to do your business. I love it when you show pictures of your home. Now remember, one of these days, you promised me pictures of your kitchen!

Love the wizards! How fun that is!

Hooked on Primitives said...

Hi Alice!! I wish my workshop was so organized!! Wonderful, must be a joy to work in! How wonderful too about the shopping for the shelter. Each year we pick a couple of kids in my children's classes to help out. KUDOS to you!!! Blessings and Happy thoughts akways! Cathy

Jacque. said...

Holy Schmoly, Alice. LOVE your workspace!!!

Be the change you want to see...that is certainly worth remembering.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice...your studio is super!!! : )

Isn't it fun to get it all cleaned up so you can mess it up again!!! LOL (Like I do!!)
Your table around the post is very creative! Keep on hookin'!
Hugs to you, Sunnie ; )