Friday, December 19, 2008


The decorating is finally done ~ made a little harder because Mr. Kitty wanted to rest right in the middle of the decorating stuff!! We had 3 couples in Wednesday evening and I finally finished about noon ~ it does look kind of pretty around here ~ I'll get some pix taken and post!

My Mr. is so domesticated!! Tuesday night he made 4 batches of raspberry and blackberry jam to give for Christmas presents!! We had a really good crop of raspberries ~ we don't get a lot of sun in this woodsy gravel pit we call home ~ so getting a good crop of anything is a miracle!! The black ones grow wild right at the edge of the yard and the red ones, Sonny planted at the edge of the drive ~ so every day this summer, he would pick and freeze, pick and freeze and lo and behold there were enough for him to work his magic!!! He also dug up horseradish root and ground that in the Cuisinart (I don't think it will ever smell the same!) and put that in jars to give away!! I don't do any of that stuff ~ and I'm so glad he does!

Last night Miss Luci was here~ her dad (my son), Teddy was working on my printer. I had a paper jam the other night and unhooked everything to get this scrunched up paper out of it and then it wouldn't work anymore!!! Long story but he got it going for me ~ so the family had a little supper with us ~ and Miss Luci posed with Santa for her photo op!! It was a fun evening!

Yesterday, we drove to Amish country to buy one last toy box for the youngest grandson, Logan!~ they all have gotten them when they're about 5 years old. These kids are so much harder to buy for as they get older! We met my former sister-in-law, Gwen, while we in the area and she took us to lunch ~ that was really nice! We always have fun with her ~ she always wears a hat ~ yesterday it was a leopard print cowboy hat ~ needless to say, she got quite a few looks!!!!

Today we're going to Social Security and the old guy is applying for Medicare!! We know how to have fun, don't we??!! Actually, it will be so much cheaper than our own insurance, that it will be a blessing!!! I know they will think he's too young to be there!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a fun weekend ~ there's not much time left to get our Christmas stuff done!!!!


JoJo said...

Alice, I love the picture of Mr. Kitty helping you decorate. Our 5 have been trying to help us "Un-decorate" by pulling lights from the tree and popping bulbs out.

Sonny actually makes Raspberry and Blackberry jam? Wow! Hang on to that man! Granted, my hubby learned a lot when I broke my leg (actually, he did a bang-up job on laundry and even learned how to load the dishwasher) but any kind of cooking is still my realm.

Luci is still just adorable! I hope you had a wonderful time with her.

And thank you for the wonderful power point presentation. I'd gotten the same thing earlier in the week from a friend in South Carolina but it's worthy of seeing it a second and even a third time. I also still need that peace right now.

Kim said...

You're right! From the photos you've posted, I wouldn't think Sonny is old enough for Medicare either!!! :o) I LOVE that Santa that Luci is posing with!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ Mr. Kitty was at it again today ~ knocked over an antique feather tree ~ later I heard a little bell ringing ~ he was in the tree in the kitchen that's on the drysink ringing a bell ~ I'd ring his bell if I could catch him!!
Kim ~ I got that Santa at a house auction years ago ~ that was a lucky day! And yes, the old guy looks pretty darn good ~ and makes jam, too!! I think I'll hang on to him!!!