Friday, December 12, 2008


This really has been a busy week ~ it's Friday already!! Monday was my friend, Carol's annual Christmas tea! I should have gotten there a bit early to get pix of all her decorating ~ it's always beautiful and always has a theme. This year was the Dove of Peace as you can see in her table setting. Carol and her twin sister, Nancy, are masters at tablescapes and staging a room ~ her home is an old farmhouse that's been in the family for generations and Carol has put that house thru some wild transformations!! It used to be ultra-modern, then extremely primitive and now it's kind of shabby chic/French country. They always put together an interesting array of guests ~ old friends, new friends ~ people who are so glad to be together!

Monday was also my daughter-in-law, Miki's, birthday so I had them for dinner. I put a nice pork loin in the over at 5 p.m. and when I checked it at 6:15, the oven was at a nice warm temperature of 250 degrees!!!!! No wonder those muffins last week turned out so crummy ~ my oven was on the fritz!!! Sonny put the roast on the grill and we finally had the Birthday dinner ~ better late than never!

Yesterday was a crazy day ~ range repairman at 8 a.m., took Tad for routine bloodwork at 8:30 a.m., an 11 a.m. meeting to disperse our auction funds to needy families (and believe me there were lots ~ we were so glad to be able to help so many), a drop off at Toy Time, the Hospice thrift store, another stop to pick up something from DIL, Cheryl's office, a 2 p.m. nail appointment (compliments of DIL Miki who owns the salon ~ thank goodness!!), return a pair of jeans, stop at the local Art Center to see the Holiday Fair (someone made such creative hand knit and recycled sweater purses!), drop grandson Luke at jujitsu class and get home in time to put on a new face and go to our friends home for what turned out to be a dinner party! at 5:30. It was a great day of giving and receiving but this kid was pooped by the time we got home at 10 last night!!

Hopefully, the Christmas decorations find their way upstairs this weekend and some elf gets them in their proper places!! I cut boxwood the other day in the rain and spread it out in the garage to dry so it's ready to place! Tonite is Miss Luci's 6th birthday ~ we're going there for dinner ~ no wonder I look like I do !~ our whole world revolves around food!! Okay ~ I'm off!! Have a good day ~


Jacque. said...

WOW! Nothing like being busy! Though, gotta admit, you seem to get it all done! What a huge variety of things you do, too! I go to work, the library, post office, grocery, home. That's it. YIKES! I think I am lacking something vital in my life! haha

JoJo said...

Good grief, Alice. One day in your life would put me in bed for 2-3 days. The Christmas tea sounds like fun and I love what I can see of the decorating. But for the last several years, I've learned to schedule activities and appointments so there's time to recover in between. Fibro and arthritis are so much fun...NOT! But you also get so much more accomplished! I'll just live through you, if that's okay.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You two are funny ~ Jacque, what I lack in my life is sanity!! That would be a wonderful thing! And dear JoJo ~ you can live thru me but hang on to your hat, honey!! I always say, I dance as fast as I can ~ I'm afraid if I stop, moss will start to grow!!!