Monday, August 3, 2015


My friend ~ the deer ~ laying in the middle of the garden ~ they are very comfortable here!

Lily in the pond ~ pretty!

Hope all is well in your world!


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Saundra said...

So good to see you post and I love that design of WF and I haven't hooked mine yet. Yours if lovely!!!!

I realize deer do damage gardens and farmers fields, but I sure do think they are beautiful. Yes, I do understand the need to cull them annually and I'm okay with that as long as they aren't my deer, lol. Over population isn't good for the starving of not enough land to handle the deer but also the deer running the highway to cross and find food which puts a carcass on the road. Just hope the deer hunters eat or donate their kill. There, I've said it.

Julia said...

Hi Alice, it's been a while since I've seen a post from you. Hope everything is well with you. Very nice picture of the deer in the garden. I hope they don't do damage.

Kim said...

Good Morning Alice. That deer almost looks like a lawn ornament.

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