Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This weekend, friends Kit and Bill invited us to attend the Port Clinton Yacht Club annual pig roast!  The entertainment was the Island Doctor and he was checking out Kit's heart ~ she appears to be just fine!

Friends Diane and Greg went, too ~ we had lots of laughs for sure!

This is Mr. Kitty helping with office work this past week!  Doesn't he look sweet? He loves the printer and jumps right up there to watch it run.  A couple of years ago, he jammed up my printer with his paw and I had to get a new one.  This one is paw proof!

We also went to a very lovely brunch at the Catawba Island Club for our friend, Karen's birthday!  There were eleven of us and what a great time we had!

I haven't been blogging very much ~ hard to get back to it but I'm trying.  We've had a busy summer and a little cataract surgery thrown in.  We didn't get to our lake haven in June until the last week ~ two weddings, a show that we did, and a trip to Seattle for Sonny and Brian to work on my son's new/old house!  I haven't hooked a loop in I don't know when,  but trying to get back to it. And getting back to blog reading!

Hopefully, there are still some readers left ~ I appreciate those that commented yesterday ~ you let me know I'm not alone!

Have a great day ~ the weather is beautiful here in Ohio! 

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My Colonial Home said...

Hi Alice
Isn't it just so much fun to go to these types of events with friends - more the merrier.
I have not done a post for a month myself until just yesterday - seems I have less and less people visiting so it really doesn't matter I guess.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, I wonder about that, too, Karen. I think Facebook is more accessible and quicker to do a little post on ~ but not everybody is on Facebook. We'll see how it goes! I'll go over and read what you have to say!

Julia said...

Hi Alice, it's nice to know what you've been up to. You've been busy and Summer is a time to do things with family and friends. I just started hooking again just recently. Life is so busy for me too and I don't always have time to hook.
I came up with this slogan." Life is a journey and we can't always be on the same street" It's a bit corny but it reminds me that I don't always have to hook.
It good to get away from it some time.
I hope your vision has improved. Stay cool and enjoy your journey.

We are bracing for a nasty thunder storm.


weaverpat said...

Of course there are readers left!
It's good to hear from you. I know when you are absent it's usually because you're enjoying a very active social life.
Glad you're having a good summer.

Saundra said...

Is Mr. Kitty a Blue Point Siamese or part Siamese? Sure looks like it and he is handsome. Nice to see you blogging again and am sure you had fun.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
So good to hear from you and twice in two days. Woo hoo.
Summer is flying by :(
Hugs :)

jan said...