Monday, December 2, 2013


Same as my Small Business Saturday sale ~20% off patterns and sparkly wool ~  refer to the previous post!  I sold a few of my own patterns for which I am very grateful!!!  Orders will go out this week!!

Thanks to all!



Julia said...

Hi Alice, good for you for selling some of your own patterns on Saturday.

I feel awkward for not buying your patterns or sparkly wool but I'm still not in hooking mode even though there's snow on the ground. When I have time to hook, it usually with narrow worms and I have so much wool and even though I appreciate primitive patterns I lean more toward hooking the traditional patterns with more details. I love working with details.

Take care and stay safe and warm.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Julia, darling!! Don't feel one bit awkward!! I am so glad to have you as a reader and love following your blog ~ not to worry!

How you ever find time to hook with all that goes on in your works, is a mystery to me!!! Here's hoping y have an UNEVENTFUL day!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Julia ~ I think I meant to type "with all that goes on in your life"!! And that is a lot of works!!!!

Julia said...

Hi Alice, I think that you're a sweetheart. I hope that you got some sales on your Cyber Monday Sale.

Thanks for making me feel better. I don't like to ignore a post just because I'm not buying.
I'm wishing you all the best and enjoy life as if you will live a long, long time. You will live a long, long time.
Big hugs,

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