Sunday, November 17, 2013


Dark picture of Maria and Ali and all our wool and projects spread out in our lake living room! We were short one creative soul ~ Kris ~ because she fell and did a bad thing to her nose!! We are so sorry she wasn't here!!

Here's a peak of some of the projects the girls were working on.

This is what I worked on ~ finishing Ned's border ~ and I added some handspan yarn into his mane to kick him up a notch!

They made bracelets from beach glass we have gathered ~ the gals did a fine job!! We took a walk on the beach this morning and they found a few pieces of their own!!

I took them to Just for Ewe yarn shop and we were greeted by this guy with two sets of horns along with a barnyard of goats and llamas. Maria texted Kris to find out what kind of goat this is and she kindly replied that it is not a goat but ~ it is a Jacob's sheep ~ the oldest known to man!!! We three creative types all thought it was a goat!!!

And of course, I took them to places for cocktails and good food!! Canoe Club one night and Ciao Bella another!!
We had a very relaxing couple of days and even though it was kind of chilly, it was still nice to look out over the water and share ideas and even come up with a new blog challenge ~ remember, we did one together a couple of years ago! Stay tuned!!!
Big blowy weather supposed to come our way this evening so I better get packing and head to my home!!! Speaking of packing ~ oh, that's another story!!!
Sending healing thoughts your way, Kris!! Ta ta for now!!
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Jacque. said...

oh, what fun! Interesting goat/sheep with the 2 sets of horns! Glad you had a great time! The projects look great, too!

Saundra said...

I LOVE your Ned. Oh, poor Kris; I saw she posted a 'selfie' on Facebook and didn't look her pretty self. Hope she is feeling better.


Rugs and Pugs said...

What fun! Love your Ned.
That sheep is totally cool.
Poor Kris. I hope she heals quickly.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

What fun! A lakeside hookers retreat seems perfect. I can't wait to learn what you guys have come up with for another challenge.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

There is nothing that beats a "creatives weekend". And you ladies sure made the most of yours. Hope Kris is recovering well. I am sure she would have loved one of those cocktails - me too.

Ned looks great and I love that two-horned-sheep-that-totally-looks-like-a-goat.


Maria said...

It was great fun! Alice is the best host. Thanks for a great weekend!