Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yesterday, two new rug hookers got hooked on hooking! Pam and Daphene were very enthusiastic students and a joy to work with!

They got a lot done on their first project ~ they were so appreciative and complimentary ~ they made my day!!

Minnie the Cat is bound !

And residing in her new 'home' in the entry to one end of the living room. Not much traffic there so she will not get a lot of wear.

Last weekend, a goat covered in fleece found its way to our door! Actually , I picked it up and brought it home!

A nice companion to the Ligonier sheep! The dining room table is looking more like a barnyard!

This past week, I had a request to kit up a pattern from my website and today, off it went to Australia! Can't wait to see her finished product!

Last Saturday, we made a trip to Amish country. It was a chilly, sunny day ~ kind of relaxing but tons of traffic! Came home with Swiss cheese and trail bologna
and little scrubbies made from netting!!

Today was our first snow of the season ~ winter's on its way!

Take good care ~ Alice

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kelley said...

scrubbies made from those things!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Wow! These pix are dark ~ I posted from my phone late last night and didn't realize how dark they were! But it gives you an idea of what's happening here!!! Have a good Wednesday!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...
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Julia said...

It's always so delightful to hook students to this great hobby craft.

I think that your barn yard animals on the table are pretty tame and easy to look after. They are gorgeous. Are they made by the same artist?

It must be rewarding to have a customer from Australia . It's a long ways away. I'm sure that they will love your rug kit. The postage would be pricy though.

Your prim cat rug looks so at home in that spot.It looks better every time I look at it.

Hugs and have a safe and cosy week.

acorn hollow said...

Always nice to see new hookers. I Love the kitty rug and wow Australia! good for you

Kim said...

Love, love, love that cat. I'm sure you've mentioned it but I forget - is it one of your patterns?

Saundra said...

I ADORE Minnie!!!!!!!!! And would love to have one of those sheep but my house is small so don't know where I'd put it. If only I could make a small one...hmmmmm.