Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'M BACK ! ~ ! ~ !

Last week, I had a beginner rug class on Wednesday. Three fun gals ~ two are friends (I think one 'encouraged' the other to come with her!) and my friend from back in Homerville (that's where we grew up)!

 Class starts at 10 a.m. with a house tour and showing them the various rugs that I've done and then we start hooking.  There's also time out for lunch and we hook till 4 p.m.  These girls really got a lot accomplished in their time here ~ I'm very proud of them!
 This is Dara's crow ~ my friend since 12 years old ~ that's a long time, readers!!!  Dara has been hooking on her own with help via emails and I think she's doing very well!
Peggy did this little lamb ~ she was the one brought along by her friend!  I think she said something like 'she's gotten me into a lot of things but this one was the most fun'!!!  That was a good thing!
 Tonya hooked the crow and gave it a little different wing design ~ I like that ~ it will show up better when the rest of the crow is hooked around it!  They all are creative in some fashion or another and I could see that in the little things they chose to do!  We had a great afternoon together and I'm sure they'll continue on their journey ~ hookers in the making!!!  What's not to love!

Ta da!!  Sonny made a driftwood tree for us! Looks good doesn't it?  Those nice lake-washed pieces of driftwood are perfect colors for our lake place! 

This weekend was Sonny's 50th class reunion!!  He has had this '67 Corvette for nearly 25 years and did a lot of work on it this past month or so getting it ready to show off to his old buddies!!  We drove it to the afternoon festivities on Saturday ~ it brought the old guy a great deal of pleasure!!  Mostly, he just talks about his car ~ one of our lake friends thought it was a figment of his imagination!  Maybe it will be on the road more this summer!! 

We've had a little bump in our road the past couple of weeks.  Sonny had cellulitis in his leg ~ he was off for a week and on part days last week ~ very nervewracking on my end and very aggravating to him to be sidelined for a bit.  He's on the mend ~ we had a great Memorial Day weekend at the lake ~ went to Put-in-Bay on Saturday and Kelley's Island to our friend's birthday party on Sunday!!  But when he tried to work all day last Tuesday, he pushed it too far.  We're hoping this week goes better!! It's enough to drive a good woman to drink!!  In fact,  Sonny always says you don't have to drink to live here ~ but it sure does help!!!  Bottoms up, friends!!!

Hope all is well wherever you are! 


Lori Ann Corelis said...

Looks like the "new" hookers had lots of fun!
Hope Sonny is 100% soon . . . he needs to take you out crusin' !

Julia said...

Nice having you back Alice. Your students are doing very well and I love that little drift wood tree.

Sorry about your hubby having cellulitis, I hope that antibiotic will soon make him all better.

That Corvette looks so shiny and well taken care of, if I was you I might be a tad jealous, hahaha, oh well, at least it's not another woman.

Have a great week. Hugs

mdgtjulie said...

Lots going on with you and Sonny, Alice. Hope you had fun at the reunion. The car is fabulous!!! Makes me want a convertible, lol. And grats to the new hookers on their progress. I'm sure we'll see even greater things from them to come!! Have said a prayer for Sonny's recovery, as well. Here's hoping he gets much better soon!!

Kim said...

You've been busy. It's nice to see 3 new hookers off to a great start. Maybe because they had a great teacher. I hope Sonny feels better soon. You 2 need to cruise around in that hot car! And tell him that driftwood tree is awesome.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Here's hoping Sonny recovers quickly!!! Nice car!!!
Your students got a lot of hooking done in a short period of time. Must be that good teachin'!
Have a great week.
Hugs :)

The Barn Door said...

Wish I was closer, I'd come over for a day of hooking with you!!! Hope Sonny feels better soon. My dad just got over a bout of cellulitis.
Karen & the Hounds

Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer said...

A day of hooking sounds like so much fun!

Saundra said...

Those gals are doing a great job for beginners. Love the driftwood tree!!!!!!


Linda said...

The driftwood tree is beautiful!!! What are the pottery/fiber pieces on the wall? Something made or purchased? Love 'em!!

My Colonial Home said...

First off I need to say I LOOOOVE SONNY'S CAR - Goodness it's a dream of mine to have a Bumble Bee Yellow w/Black convertible top - probably never get it but I soooo want one.

Wonderful hooking class - sounds like you all have so much fun.