Monday, June 18, 2012


 Sweet little lamb brought by one of my house guests!!  Last week, I had hookers come visit at the lake for a couple of days!!  We really had fun ~ laughed, ate, shopped ~ and hooked a little bit!

 We took a tour around the area ~ Pam, Sue and Charisse loved the Marblehead Lighthouse!  We went to Just for Ewe yarn shop, Cruisin' tunes for some cute tops, the Moose and Terry's Tavern in Bayview for perch (not in the same day) and in general, just tried to help the local economy!

These beautiful hollyhocks were in front of the Keeper's House at the Lighthouse ~ so pretty!  We've tried to grow them here at home but not enough sun ~ too bad because I love them!  When I was a little girl, family friend Mrs. Lang, used to make little dolls out of them for me!  A sweet little memory from a childhood that didn't have a lot of them!

This past weekend we went to Kelley's Island on Saturday to see potential customers!  We had such fun, we didn't come back to the mainland until yesterday ~ it helps to have friends who invite you stay over!! This was my lunch/supper at the Island House Martini Bar on Saturday ~ New England Lobster roll and Duck Fat Fries with drawn butter!  Need I say more about why I am pleasingly plump?!!  Oh ~ and they have peanut butter martinis ~ that is a happy thing if you like peanut butter!! 

After a nice breakfast yesterday at Dockers Marina, we finally made our way to the ferry.  But first, we got in a little beach glass hunting and watched two ferries come and go while we walked with our noses to the sand!  We got a couple of heart stones and small bits of pottery and some nice nuggets of glass ~ a nice little gathering of gems from the lake! 

And Friday night, we had fun with our friends Diane and Greg and our Kelley's friends, Janet and Tom! We met for dinner at a new/old place ~ Brandy's Steakhouse at the old Islander Grill in Port Clinton.  Such scrumptious food ~ loved every morsel!!  But more important that eating is just being with people you like that make you laugh ~ and that laugh at me ~ I was on a roll for sure!

Saturday is the annual hook-in at Kingwood Center in Mansfield so of course, I am dying wool and marbleizing wool and getting together some goodies that might entice the rug hookers!!  It begins at 10 and is free other than $5 parking.  There will be several vendors, a silent auction, some goodies in the kitchen to munch on but you might want to bring your own lunch if you want more than snacks!  Katie Allman does a wonderful job of putting this all together and also hangs the rug show of rugs we all bring in ~ if you come, bring your rugs to show, too!

It is getting so dark outside ~ seems like a storm is brewing and Luke has a game at 5:30 ~ I hope it blows over fast!!!  I hope to blog a little more often ~ it's really hard to put my mind to it in this busy summer season!  This is the last week for ball games so it should slow down!!!  Thanks for checking in and stop by soon and often!!!!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Your energy never ceases to amaze me, Miss Party Girl :)
See you Saturday.
Hugs :)

woollylottrugs said...

What a cute little sheep. Very nice. I love your lake finds. Just wanted to say hello to you, haven't done that in awhile. Have a great weekend show Alice!!


Saundra said...

Sounds like you gals had quite a nice time and certainly know where to go for the eats! Looked delicious!


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