Friday, November 11, 2011


The Berks County Floral is finished!  Actually, it was finished on Monday!! I emailed a picture to the Woolley Fox and it's on their website already!  I'm quite happy with the finished product and now all it needs is to be bound!  I might get that done tonite and take it along to the show this weekend ~ more about that in a minute! 

When I was pulling out the 'junk' wool used to hook the numbers,  I decided to leave the number seven just as it was.  Two different wool strips were used and it looked kind of neat so it stayed in! This rug was hooked with  lots of antique paisleys and lots of sparkly wool ~ not your typical primitive but a unique one, for sure!

Kathy works for Barb at the Woolley Fox and she brought in her almost finished Purple Peeps!!  We all loved her bright, Spring-like version ~ she's almost finished ~ we got the idea that she had been working on it a while! Hook on, Kathy!!!

This Saturday, the "Gathered Treasures Christmas Show" will be held at the Richland County Fairgrounds!  It's a new primitive antiques and folk art show put on by the gals that do the "Gathered Treasures Spring" show and "In The Spirit of Friends" at Malabar Farm in the Fall.  It's from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. so if you're looking for a fun way to spend the day, come see us!  As shocked as I am, Christmas is right around the corner and this would be a good place to start your shopping!  We'll be there with wool, frames, etc. ~ gifts for your favorite hooker!! I am packing now and have a BARGAIN BASKET with some great mark downs (lights, pillows, candle holders, etc.).  Also have some 1 yard bundles of wool for $20 and some $5 Christmas trees!!  I'm cleaning out the shop ~ come to the fairgrounds and save some money!!!!!

My  'Finishing Touches' class is now added to the Coming Events on my sidebar.  Sauder Village class sign ups started yesterday at 10 a.m. ~ I wonder if anybody's on my list?!  We won't really know much until December.  There is always a frenzy to get your favorite teacher but no doubt,  there are some who are not full yet. So,  if you're thinking you might like to experience Sauder Rug Hooking Week, you should check in and see if there are  still openings ~ or at least, come for the day.  They have one of the best rug shows in the country and Kathy Wright works very hard to assemble a list of very talented teachers and give us lots of choices ~ you should consider putting it on your next summer's list of things to do! 

I need to get organized for tomorrow's packing ~ right now, I'm washing and wishing ~ washing wool and wishing I would get some new projects finished!!! Off to the hooking room!!  Have a good weekend!


Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Living just a stone's throw from there, it really does look like it's right out of Berks County! I can picture the barns...Perfect colours!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Loving that Berk's County Floral. I wish I could see it up check out the paisleys! Have a good weekend!

Julia said...

Your floral rug is lovely. I enlarged the picture to have a closer look of the paisley and I also love that chicken rug with the purple chicks. It almost looks like a crackle hooked design and is so neat.

You're right, scary as it is, Christmas is just around the corner. Have a great fun weekend. JB

Cathy G. said...

Berk's County Floral is a beauty! I can bet with all the paisley and sparkly wools it is a stunning piece in real life!
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

WOW! You are done already!!! I have not pulled a loop since my class and probably won't for quite some time. I look forward to seeing the rug up close and personal on Saturday!
Pug hugs :)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, ladies!!! This rug is really striking in person ~ I don't think the photo does it justice! Lauren ~ I'll look forward to seeing you Saturday and want you to know I LOVE your pumpkin rug and love that Maria got you to step out of your comfort zone with the purple!!! Go Lauren!!!

Saundra said...

Love your Berks County floral and previously saw it on Barbs web site; I definitely recognized the name. Love Kathy's Purple Peeps too.

Good luck at the show.

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

Your rug is lovely. I am glad you left the 7 as is - it adds some whimsy to the rug.

TeresaM said...

Love the Berk's County floral rug and the sheep you did for the class is so sweet! Wish I lived closer!

woollylottrugs said...

Hi Alice! I have to tell you I love your Berks County floral. That is definately on my list to do very soon. I live in Berks County PA!!!! Great place to live. Good 'ole PA dutchy people. I wondered what the date on your rug meant, if anything and was told that was the year of the blanket chest which was from Berks and had that particular design. I thought that was nice to know. I was going to change my date to 1725 because that is when Berks County was established but now not sure what I'll do. Both dates are historical. I just love that rug. Nice job!


My Colonial Home said...

Good evening Alice...goodness I love your work.
And I love that the 7 is a different color.
These things add character to a piece.

Char said...

Hi Alice! Love the rug! Stacy and I signed up for your finishing class at Sauder Village in August! Looking forward to it! Hopefully we'll see you/meet you before then!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Char and Stacy ~ glad to hear you signed up for the Sauder class ~ looking forward to it! I'm binding this rug now and will post another picture when it's done ~ thanks, gals, for all your kinds words!!!