Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 Last Thursday and Friday, I was in Tipp City, Ohio ~ north of Dayton ~ for a two day class.  The theme was "The Shape of Things" and we were given templates to design our own geometric rug ~ this is mine!  We were all given the same size foundation fabric ~ we worked within the outline of 17" x 22".  We took some of our own wool and purchased some from the teachers.  In this rug, I took the corner template and put it end-to-end to create the design on either side of the rather wild center circle!!  The blue wool was in our packet and I really wanted to use it somewhere in my design ~ hence, what looks like an eyeball with a blue pupil!  Somehow, I think this looks rather artistic ~ hopefully, not as I described above!

These lovelies are our teachers ~ Karen Kahle, Alice Strebel and Nola Heidbreder!  They work really well together and have lots to  offer in terms of color planning and creativity!  I swear ~ I wonder if I'll ever learn what 'value' is ~ they talk about it a lot!! Even their mode of dress is creative ~ and has lots of  ''value''!! 

Pam, Sue and Charisse are friends and customers of mine that live in our area!  I have lots of fun with them and admire the friendship they have with each other. Each one is very special in their own way!!

Two new friends are Valerie and Barb, on either side of Nola!  They're new friends that I met ~ they've been friends with each other for many years ~ very fun ladies!!

 Jennifer came all the way from Nebraska to join us!  Such a sweet gal ~ we all enjoyed her a lot!  She joined us for dinner, too ~ I think our reputation from last year preceded us and they put us in a private room!!!

This is Jackie from Pittsburgh!  We met last year at this class and she has been to my studio for a couple of classes since then ~
 this year she stayed with us on the way to Tipp City and back ~ I call her Princess Jackie ~ she's a little high maintenance but we like her anyway!!!  We had a good time and I think she enjoyed hanging out with Sonny and I here at our house!!!

Our other table-mate, Lanna, got away before I could get her picture!  She's a very creative gal in her own right ~ designing a pattern line and making great wool pincushions!!  We had lots to talk about, too!

So it was a fun two days ~ it went fast!  Saturday morning, Sonny and I drove to the lake and vegetated for the weekend ~ really, just rested ~ not something we do a lot of! It was great!

The next post will be of rugs that the gals brought to show ~ that's always one of the best parts ~ to see what others hook and how creative everyone is!  I'm looking forward to the nice weather that's coming our way ~ need to do my outside fall decorating ~ I'm a little behind!!! 

Have a good week wherever you are!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
What fun! Your rug is coming along nicely.
I look forward to the rug show!
Pug hugs :)

weaverpat said...

How great to have friends that you see at class every year. I'm so envious that you were instructed by Karen Kahle. I love her work!
Can't wait to see the rug pics.

Princess Jackie said...

Oh I don't think Princess Jackie is such high maintenance just because she likes things her way!! HA Your rug is really coming along - mine is at a standstill. Great pictures.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Oh!!! I've been caught! Who knew Jackie reads my blog?! I did ~ that's why I wrote it!

Gayle said...

How fun! Ali Strebel is coming to Utah next year and I'm really looking forward to her class!

Kim said...

It sounds like so much fun to get away for a few days with some hookers!
Princess Jackie sounds like someone who would be fun to have around. I'm been referred to as high maintenance a time or two!

Cathy G. said...

I would give my eye teeth to take a class with those talented ladies!!
You're very lucky sweet lady!
Show us more rug pics soon!! Please!
Cathy G

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