Thursday, September 1, 2011

KIDS & DEER ~ ~ ~

 These are the 'kids' ~ Luci and Jordyn ~ on the first day of school!!  One is my granddaughter ~ one is Sonny's ~ they are our granddaughters and they are cousins ~ in the same grade!  Cute, aren't they?  I was the grandma/stalker in the halls waiting to get them in the same place at the same time.  I took one of Jordyn and her brother, Logan ~ he is a second grader ~ and made such a goofy face, I just couldn't put the little duffer on here!! 
 And this is Mr. Kitty having a staredown yesterday out my office window with one of our resident Bambi's!!!!  The deer stood very still ~ licking it's chops and an occasional snort ~ this went on for about 10 minutes!!  Finally, they both tired of it and went their separate ways.  Later, we saw a mama deer and her two babies coming out from behind the grape arbor ~ no grape jam this year!!

Tuesday night, I went to grandson, Jakob's first Junior High football game.  For me, a big thing, as I don't like or understand the game and it makes me sick when I see someone get hurt and know the possibilities of what could go wrong.  But ~ I persevered ~ my grandma instincts got the better of me ~ I did what I knew was the right thing to do ~ the weather was perfect at 4 in the afternoon ~ and I went!  Jake had a great game ~ he scored a touchdown, had a couple of tackles and caught a nice pass ~ and they won!  I was very proud of him ~ and I would have felt terrible if Sonny had come home and told me what I'd missed!  I'm guessing I will go to more ~ if the weather's good ~ or maybe even if it's not! 

I'm still dying wool ~ in the midst of everything else.  We had our 84 year old friend, Marge, over yesterday.  She wanted to see my rugs and find out what this hooking is all about!  She was really interested in the process and the dying ~ it was great ~ she wanted to hear about something totally new to her!! We had a good visit and fed her pizza and stromboli for supper!  It's a good thing to spend time with an older person ~ we chatted away and it was good for us both!

The sun is shining ~ it's a good day! 


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
The grands are just too cute!
Great pic of Mr. Kitty and Bambi!
How can it be September already? Before you know it, your shows will be here.
Hugs :)

mdgtjulie said...

What great pics. The grands look great, and my kitty vs the deer is too funny. Why do small animals seem to think they're bigger than everything? I swear, I think YD would take on a deer!!! Silly thing, lol. Sounds like your grandson had lots to be proud of. I LOVE football, so tell him grats on the win from a fan of the game!

Saundra said...

Fantastic picture you captured Alice. I also enjoy looking at my deer and cannot accomplish a thing when they are in the back at the salt lick or drinking water. No matter how many times I see the deer they are a source of entertainment for even me.