Monday, September 19, 2011


 Friday, friend Vivian and I went to the Country Living show at Ohio Village in Columbus!  This great fat tin chicken was one of our purchases ~ Vivian bought a black one!  I took down several things off this wall ~ fussy looking things ~ and replaced them with this lone mustard chicken!  I like it!!

This gives you an overall look at the little guest bath under the stairs - in my mind, I think you're interested!!  What you will be interested in is that there were THOUSANDS of people at this show ~ the grounds were covered with folks who paid $16 each to get in!  If they went for the Early Bird Sale, they paid $25 to get in!  It astounded us both in light of the fact that a crummy economy surrounds us!  We even heard of people who flew in from far away places to attend!

 Ginger Cazan created these two redware pieces ~ I love her work and don't see her much anymore ~ we did a couple of shows together but not now!   Our  kids will probably sell all this stuff in a garage sale for 50 cents when we're gone ~ but I love redware so I'm enjoying it now!

Some other acquisitions were these beautiful skeins of handspun yarn ~ aren't they gorgeous?  Even if you're not into fibers, the colors are so pretty! 

This show was well worth the trip down to Columbus!  Hundreds of artists ~ traditional and contemporary ~ some very funky and eclectic!  We were there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and only sat for a bite of lunch!  I was so tired when we left and drove home to go out for dinner with my old friends!  We met them in Ashland at 6:30 at Surella's ~ if you live near Ashland, you should give it a try ~ very good food ~ and beverages!  We had a lot of fun ~ stayed till we almost got kicked out!  Then Sonny and I stopped at the Happy Grape because Teddy & Miki asked us to join them ~ I hate to tell anybody no ~ they may not ask again!  We got home at midnight!!

Saturday, was a Fraizer family wedding ~ at a farm ~ very simple but it did the trick!  We got home at 10 that night ~ the old people are slowing down!!  Sunday we went to Camden's fifth grade football game and then had a wiener roast here for all of our kids and grandkids!!  Great fun ~ great food ~ lots of laughs!!  Luke & Jake, the two 7th graders, stayed all night with us and I got them off to school this morning with homemade smoothies and eggs and toast!!  Don't tell my grown kids ~ they will remember that I didn't quite do that for them ~ probably some cheerios and a pop tart!!!!  Grandmas are smarter ~ and have more time!!

I have tried numerous times today to send photos from my 'smart' phone to my email but no dice!  I wanted to show you my old friends and pix from the wedding.  Oh, well ~ you'll have to imagine them!   Silly me ~ I fogot that I can just download them from the phone to a picture file ~ here's the bride with her dad ~ the tractor and haywagon brought us all back to the wedding site!  Kind of fun!! Especially watching this old girl get up on the wagon!

Today, I've been washing sheep fleece ~ now that's a stinky job!!  Have a good week everybody ~ and you know I appreciate you stopping by!!!


Cathy G. said...

LOVE your funky chicken! Looks great on the dark print wall!!
That must be so fun to attend a show with so much art and talented people! It IS surprising with the bad economy that people are still flocking to such expensive venues. I guess we need to quit watching the evening news with all the bad economy stories!
Of course I don't need the evening news to tell me how poorly my OWN economy is lately! LOL!
Enjoy washing that raw fleece..... lovely smell isn't it!!
Cathy G

Jacque. said...

The mustard chicken...the yarn...both delightful!

Julia said...

Alice, what a fun packed weekend you've had. Your big mustard colored chic looks right at home on the wall and even cheers up the guest bathroom. What a welcoming room.

The colorful yarn looks fantastic too. I wish I could tag along on some of your adventures with friends. JB

Kim said...

That chick is fabulous. Looks perfect. Family day at a farm would be a blast. And keep Spoiling those grandkids. Those times are some of my best memories.

Saundra said...

Love your yellow chicken and the bathroom wall paper. Wow, I'm afraid I wouldn't have attended the affair. Matter of fact I don't even buy a Sam's Club card to shop in their store.

Nice yarn too.

Miccosukee said...

Seeing what kind of events you have in Ohio makes me sad my dad took us away from the Buckeye State because he couldn't stand the snow. So I am stuck here in north Florida where it still will snow!

Love the chicken and the redware. Wish I could have attended but I can't handle being on my feet so long, you put me to shame with your energy. You rock!

acorn hollow said...

I love your chicken too. You are always so busy, great things.

Anonymous said...

Alice, I was there too..sure wish that we had run in to eachother!(:
I love your purchases too! I'm familiar with Cazan redware and you are's beautiful. I'm pretty sure that you and Sonny could run circles around Gary and I! What a fun weekend! And what a fun grandma you are too! (: