Tuesday, March 8, 2011


These photos were in my phone and I almost overlooked them!  The battery in my camera rolled over and played dead so I was still able to catch a few of the rugs around me that day! This is such a cute rug done from a grandchild's drawing ~ this lady had several that she had done and they were just darling!  She's from New Brunswick  and I think my friend MJ and she were going to get together sometime ~ they did and MJ emailed that the artist's name is Danielle Ouellet.  I loved her sense of fun and color in capturing these children's artwork!

The colors in this rug were just great ~ I don't know the hooker or the details but it caught my eye for sure!

Gwen Gilson (thank you Cheryll S. for her name) hooked this alphabet rug was just packing it away and I asked if she would unroll it for us to see.  It is hooked in a very narrow width and was absolutely beautiful.  I will never create such a fine piece of work ~ it's just not in me to hook this narrow but ~ I certainly appreciate all of the time-consuming love and care that it takes to create this kind of art! You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see the detail.

This was the extent of the hooking that I got done that day! I hauled pattern, frame, cut and un-cut wool all the way to Florida so that I could actually say I hooked at the hook-in! The day was mostly spent laughing, talking, shopping and taking photos ~ will I take hooking the next time?  Oh, probably!  But this will be a cute rug when finished ~ maybe for my show in April?

Seaside Rug Hooking donated this pattern for the drawing and I was the lucky winner!  I can see this has future as a pillow, maybe ~ and I can see felted eggs and sparkly wool nesting material ~ I see all that ~ now when will it become reality?

There were lots of things donated by the vendors for the drawing and that certainly added a nice touch to the day!  Thank you Seaside Rug Hooking for the  pattern!  I did email her a thank you note ~ wonder if she got it? When I win something that has been donated, I always try to send a thank-you so they know that it was appreciated

There was a huge display of flowers in the produce department of the grocery the other day so I treated myself to a little touch of Spring!  We still have dirty piles of snow outside our windows and I thought this would brighten things up a bit!  I can see only one leaf that has been attacked by the cat so I think these will stay around a while.  Mr. Kitty must not have liked them so good! If he likes a plant, I can kiss it goodbye so to speak ~ or put it up high where we and he can't see it!! 

Have a good day ~ Spring is right around the corner!!



Cathy G. said...

Hi Alice!
I so enjoyed seeing those rug photos! I think you and I are drawn to the same colorful whimsical primitive style of hooking! I LOVE seeing the creative things others are doing! I am just amazed!
I can see the same things you talked about doing with your bird and nest pattern! Wow! Great minds think alike!
Happy hooking and watching the snow melt!
Cathy G

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

What great rugs. I admire that alphabet rug too, but I would be overwhelmed hooking it!! Give me simple every time! Great patterns. When I first looked quickly at the photo of your rabbit rug, the ears looked like big wings on a black bug outline...LOL...I've got to get new glasses!! I had a good laugh at myself over that one.
I love the crocks you've put the flowers in.
Happy Hooking!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I love your primroses! I bought one for a friend I was supposed to meet yesterday, but I had to cancel at the last minute so I've got it to admire.
Thanks for sharing more rugs. That alphabet rug is simply amazing but not for me to hook.
Pug hugs :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Alice for posting pictures, they are wonderful.

Jacque. said...

OH! That's a bunny? I, too, thought it was a bug...hahaha!! Still enjoyed seeing all your photos. {grin} There is an alphabet rug like that hanging in the lobby of the vet school...someone made it and donated it to us. It's gorgeous! As is this one.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful rugs and in so many different styles. Such inspiration in each one.
Your spring flowers sure brighten up your kitchen!

newburyarts said...

*****the alphabet rug was designed by muzzy petrow and incredible rug hooker from the main line of philadelphia. she hooked with a number 3 cut. i forget the exact story, it was either the one she hooked as a raffle rug for a constrution project for her local hospital, or for her primary care physician. i know who to ask, but the designs were sold to marie azzarro from connecticut. muzzy was
an INCREDIBLE realistic rug hooker!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Newburyarts ~ thank you for the info on the alphabet rug! Very interesting! You're a wealth of information!!

Ter'e said...

I'm so impressed with the amount of hooking you got done at the hook-in. I thought we spent every minute giggling? (I actually did an equal amount of hooking). LOL!
Love what I could see of your kitchen. Boy, would I love to see more. You are SO CREATIVE Alice! Love the colors. What a happy place to do dishes!!!!
Keeping hooking! You'll finish that bunny in 2014. LOL! xoxoxo

April DeConick said...

Looks like the hook in was fun! Wish we were closer...although I don't miss the snow!