Sunday, March 20, 2011


 Well, dear readers ~ this is it ~ my efforts at the fourth blog challenge!!  For those like my dear husband who couldn't really see anything, I will tell you that it is a sea-and-skyscape!  I so admire Deanne Fitzpatrick's work and this is my effort to take pieces of various fibers and try my hand at that style of hooking!  I have my own thoughts on it ~ believe me, I challenged myself as well as my fellow blog pals!

This is a quick pic of the back ~ I bound it with wool ~ you can get an idea from the back of it where I was going.  Often times, that is a good way to look at your work.

Darling Sonny did say that he sees a face in the sky and the seagull-type bird I put in there (at his suggestion) looks like a nose!!!!!!!!!! I have to say of the challenge pieces I've done, this creation is my least favorite ~ and that is using my own supplies!  But ~ I learned some things ~ one being, that, even though I used an 8 cut on this (smaller than my 9 & 9.5's that I love), to do a landscape, it really needs to be even smaller to  allow it to blend and flow better, especially on such a small piece (15 1/2 x 6 1/2).  And possibly the color choices could have been closer in value.  One thing I did to distinguish the water from the skyline is to hook in a very thin  piece of dark wool ~ it helped define things a bit. I am a great one to over-critique my work.  I do like the irregular top edge ~ I never tried that before and binding it with wool made it very easy to follow the contours without a puckery, wrinkly binding to deal with.  It's been a journey ~ albeit a short one ~ I started it yesterday afternoon and finished this afternoon about 5.  This is what I had in my mind to hook ~ I love hooking with alternatives to wool ~ and this, my friends, has been a Challenge!

This is a reminder of all the fibers sent out by me ~ a real eclectic gathering of things!  I have to say after seeing Kris's, Ali's, and Maria's blogs, they did a FABULOUS job of interpreting the use of them.  I'm very impressed with all of them.

Just giving you a peak at my fiber cupboards. Lots of things I've gathered thru the years from fiber shows and yarn shops.

This is where I started when gathering things for the
challenge and in a felted sweater cabinet below these.  I see a cute pin cushion from Lanna Omler that I had to hide from the terror on 4 legs, Mr. Kitty.  He loves every neat woolen thing I own!

Thanks for following us on our Blog Challenge ~ I think from what I hear there will be another.  I hope it has inspired all of you who hook, to step outside the box and try new things.  I think each of us has done just that and it's been an enlightening experience, at least for me!!

Have a good week ~ Ohio has a little more snow coming ~ amazing, isn't it!!

Happy Hooking ~ Alice


Kim said...

Great, great job. I really like it.

acorn hollow said...

Wonderful! and great closets.

Cathy G. said...

This is wonderful! I study Deanne F's work and love that style of hooking...... but do you think I can catch on to how to do it! I love your little Fiber art creation and am drooling over your stash! I want to try all of this and this has been a great inspiration! You girls are all to be given the hookers merit award for creativity and actually finishing your creations! Awesome!
I hope you can do more challenges after you get a little rest now! LOL!
Cathy G

Maria said...

So very cool.....You captured her style beautifully. I loved using all the different fibers in this challenge. Great project and landscape. Maria

Wendie Scott Davis said...

I definitely saw your sea and sky scape, but I guess for husbands, hooking is often a rorschach test - at least for mine LOL. I love how you finished it to the shape. I've wanted to try that for a while, but I can't even do circles, so there you go.

Your stash is something! and soooo organized.

What fun to have these little "triggers" for your talents.

Ter'e said...

Alice Baby!
I loved your tip for seperating sky/water! I am going to steal it on my San Francisco Memoir Rug! (Have I shown this rug pic to you?) Love the idea. So subtle and such a smooth transition!
Love it ---- but then, I just love you too!!!!!! :-)

Ter'e said...

Click on the picture of the seascape and look at that fabulous yarn that was used to add that perfect little spark.
Oh Alice.......I love this. Nice work!!!!!!

dulcy said...

Alice.... Fabulous job with this piece. Love the colors, design, and shape. I am also a fan of DF, and she has greatly influenced the way I'm currently hooking (even though I've not been able to take a class from her). Your fiber stash makes me feel the need to swoon a bit!

Miccosukee said...


Your mind is so creative and this challenge has proved how talented you artists are. I think this is favorite piece and hope you do something like this again.

Your stash is wonderful and I am jealous. I so enjoy reading your blog. It's a highlight of my morning.


Julia said...

Alice, I think that this little mat is so cute and I like how you have a face in the clouds hugging the sun. It' small and very cleaver. I love how you finished the edges on the back with wool, that too is a great idea for this irregular shape and looks very neat. I love it.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it very much. JB

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