Monday, March 8, 2010


Yes, progress has been made! I was able to hook a couple of days last week and yesterday, Luke came over and I got a lot done while he was hooking on his new project! One nice evening of hooking should find this rug ready to be bound! Of course, that stark white tail might have to go and I see a couple of other places that need tweaked ~ we'll see!

If you remember a post from a while ago, I mentioned that I gave Luke's star hooking to Seattle grandson, Hunter, to finish and I said when Luke found out, there would some 'splainin' to do! The other day I received an email from 10 year old Luke, entitled "Splainin Time"!!! I explained why I did that and told him I would draw him a new pattern ~ maybe a dog! ~ and he liked that idea a lot! He's been over twice to work on his new project and it's coming along nicely! Grandma redeemed herself!!!!!!

In response to my last post, Lauren asked to see the wool used to hook this huge rabbit! Here it is ~ I love this fabric ~ it has a lot of texture and gives lots of movement without incorporating another wool into the mix. It's kind of a chenille type and I don't believe it's 100% wool ~ but it hooks up really well!! And another question from Lauren regarding the outlining ~ I outlined after all was hooked ~ since it was a very soft yarn, I was able to squeeze in the hooking between the hooked rows ~ you could do this, too, if you're using a really narrow cut of wool to outline. I really appreciate all the comments on this rug ~ Thanks everybody!!

We had a fun weekend ~ Friday night went to the first Friday party at Arts on Main ~ they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary ~ it's a local artists cooperative that is now associated with the Mansfield Art Center. It was well attended and we ran into a lot of people we know ~ I love hanging around artists! One fellow, Tim Gorka, became my new Facebook friend and enlightened me with the info that I could 'hide' all that Farmville, Fishville stuff that shows up on my page!! I find all that distracting and I know that people who use those applications find it very entertaining! So they're happy and I'm happy! There is another little gallery that recently opened in that area and we stopped in for the first time ~ clients from Richland Newhope ~ the program my son, Tad, attended for many years ~ displaying and selling their art! Photos and paintings and great pottery totems that, hopefully, they are going to sell in the future! We made a couple of other stops before having a late supper at one of our favorite haunts!

Saturday, we went to Columbus to the Home and Garden show, visited a customer to consult about a new master bath project (yippee!) and had a wonderful late lunch at Beni Hana!! Was that ever yummy! We had several appetizers and bananas tempura with green tea ice cream for dessert!! And a wonderful pomegranate martini!

Yesterday, Luke came to hook and we exercised together! Last night before the Oscars ~ that was fun to watch! ~ we had a great dinner of salmon (Sonny's recipe), sauteed mushrooms with bleu cheese and bacon, and fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil salad with balsamic vinegar and rosemary infused olive oil for the dressing! Our own little gourmet meal ~ it really was scrumptious!!

Today, I'm picking up a couple of friends and we're driving to Easton in Columbus to meet our friend, Cathy for some shopping and lunch! This is our trip we had to cancel the other week because of snow ~ today the sun will shine and it should be in the high 40's (it was 60 deg. in Columbus today!!)!!!!!! Just like spring to us Ohio girls!!! Well, we're not exactly girls but you get my drift!!! Have a good day!


Kim said...

Wonderful bunny!!!! It looks great, Alice!!!! Almost done! wooohooo! Have a great time today!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Thank you so much for answering my questions! Very sweet of you :-)
Luke's rug is going to be darling. Yippee for him and your "splainin" must have worked.
Oh, I do love your rabbit rug. The colors are just so soft looking.
You can hide Farmville??? I don't go on Facebook often, but that's about all I ever see and I find it annoying, too. I'd rather hook than!
Have a safe trip today and it's also spring-like on the north coast. I am READY!!!
Pug hugs :)

Linda said... that bunny rug!
I missed going to the show at Malabar last fall but am hoping to see you at the one coming up in Mansfield. Will you be selling wool there?
Have fun today.

Deb said...

I just love bunny and the wool that you used for it! I'm learning more and more about hooking and I love it. I don't think it's every too early to teach a child to hook. I think that Luke's doing a wonderful job.

Jeanne (RED) said...

Hi, Alice
I LOVE your Bunny Rabbit! He looks mighty handsome. [I even think I have some wool like that some where.] Good choice, it looks great.Take care,
Jeanne L

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, I'm hungry..that dinner sounds wonderful! Yes, it is spring in my corner of Ohio too!
yeah! Hope your shopping was Easton! Oh! Love that bunny too Alice! hugs~Kathy

dulcy said...

Everything sounds like such fun! I also love going to art shows. My husband has done them for years with his photography, and we have made so many artist friends. Of course it's always more fun to go and stroll and shop than it is to work a show. I simply love your rabbit rug Alice! That wool is perfect for his lovely coat.....thanks for always checking in with me!