Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just to give you an idea what our Christmas gathering looks like!! This isn't quite everybody ~ son, Brian, isn't in the room ~ grandson, Cam, is behind someone ~ grandson, Nick, and family didn't come till evening (they had so many places to be that day) and I'm behind the camera! We also had an early morning Christmas with Chris's family since Santa found them all the way here in Ohio ~ that was fun! ~ even down to carrots on the deck for the reindeer and milk and cookies for Santa!

Little great granddaughter, Blakleigh, is really cute! She's one and a half ~ her little brother was sleeping somewhere while somebody captured her in my office sitting with this bear! The little kids really do a great job of entertaining her!

Haylee is modeling the purse I made her on Saturday before they left ~ she asked if I could get one done for her to take home ~ sure! It's from a felted sweater with horses ~ and the handle is from another one that had lots of metallic in it ~ I lined it with a couple of different cotton fabrics and she was happy as a clam! They left about 4 in the afternoon and it was so sad ~ I cried big crocodile tears ~ the kids are so fun and so well behaved ~ we hooked and played cards and Grandpa made them fried mush and homemade pancakes and we went to Amish country one day to see their great aunt. Hannah, who is eight, felt bad for the Amish not having electric or phones ~ she said "why don't they move into town so they have all that stuff"! We went to a cheese factory and an Amish restaurant. It was a hectic ten days (a lot went on besides all of the above) and I'm just now coming back to life ~ but they'll be back this summer for Chris's class reunion!!

One more Christmas factoid and then I'm done! For Christmas dinner, Seattle son, Chris,had a Tur-duck-en sent to us! Never heard of it? Neither had we!!! It was very tasty ~ now I'll tell you what it is!! A turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with cajun rice and shrimp stuffing!!!!!!! Imagine!! I lifted this little teeny picture from the web so you could get an idea ~ the highlight of our Christmas feast!!

Off to spruce up my hooking room ~ I have a couple of gals coming later and right now, it's not a pretty sight!! It's warming here in Ohio ~ 40 degrees today!!!! And sunshine!!! Yay!!! I hope the sun is shining on you wherever your are!



Anonymous said...

Hello dear Alice~What a great picture of all of you (almost all)what a great looking group and so much fun when everyone is altogether! I understand that sadness when they are gone too. I'm just not quite sure about that "tur-duck-den"? (: Yes..warming here too...and yes! Yeaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

OMGosh what a crowd!! Fun family times I'm sure! But I can see why you said you'd have to find a way out if you got snowed in on Christmas day! LOL

jane augenstein said...

Alice, my what a big beautiful family you have! What a fun time you all had, oh, my! I LOVE that purse you made, beautiful! (I want one!)
We had Tur-duc-hen last year for Christmas, it was delicious!!!
I am over my slump and HOOKING AGAIN!!! YAY!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks for the compliments ~ we are big and they're a pretty good looking bunch of folks, for sure! Jane, I'm so glad you're hooking again! For those of you who don't know Jane, she is a beautiful hooker and pattern designer! I carry some of her patterns here in my studio but most of the time she's too busy 'horsing around' to hook!