Sunday, December 6, 2009


Just look at those faces!! Happy little souls, aren't they? Last year, Sonny and I went to our friend's Alpaca farm open house and this year, we took the grandpeople! Two were missing as they had a prior engagement, but Logan, Jordyn, Luci and Luke were happy to go! The cute white Alpaca has nibbling Luci's hat while I was snapping away!

Luke and Jordyn were trying to get these guys to give them a kiss!! Reba, the owner of Storybook Alpaca Farm, said if you put your hands behind your back and lean into them, they'll stick their little faces between the fence and rub noses with you ~ kind of like an Eskimo kiss! These animals are so soft and so sweet ~ there was a new little baby, 5 weeks old ~ so skittish that they named him Gizmo! After we petted and fed our new white furry friends, we took the group out to lunch ~ it was a fun day and we were so sorry that Jakob and Camden had to miss it! Maybe next year!

Friday night our annual Homebuilders Christmas dinner ~ we had a good time visiting with all our builder friends and suppliers! Then we made our way to the Martini bar and saw a bunch more people we knew ~ it was a great evening!

Saturday night, my son, Teddy and Miki, had a wine tasting party! What a great time! They had over 20 people and tons of food and my great niece, Amy, who sells the wine, did a great job! It's like a Tupperware party but better! Ted and Miki live in the first house Sonny and I built together and it is a fabulous house for entertaining ~ a big open great room with lots of space for guests. After the tasting, the highlights of the evening were that the charcoal on the deck caught on fire and there was wonderful wii RockBand concert by Ted and some of his friends!! It was such a fun evening and our kids and their friends seem to like to have us around! They are so nice to us ~ one gal brought bloody mary's to our door this morning for breakfast!! Talk about curb service!!

Seems like I should do some decorating this week ~ and my latest rug is ready to bind ~ and invoicing to customers looms large in front of me, as I sit at this desk!! I better hit the ground running in the morning!!

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Alice! What fun you always have! (: Enjoy these sweet days of Christmas!~I know you will!

jane augenstein said...

Alice, you do always have the most fun! Great pictures with the grand kids, alpacas are so cute, soft and cuddly looking! That baby one sounds adorable, would love to cuddle him! LOL He would probably have other ideas though.

dulcy said...

Everything sounds like great fun! Especially the wine tasting party!