Thursday, December 17, 2009


Is finally finished!! WHATNOTS is the name of my latest rug, designed by Barbara Carroll ~ I think it's an adaptation of an antique rug. I'm really happy with the outcome ~ nice antiquey colors and kind of a faded look to it! Perfect for our house! The flowers and stems coming out of the orange pots on either side of the pitcher, are done with 'friendship' strips ~ a strip from each of the four gals who were hooking at Barb's that week are incorporated into my rug. I love that idea ~ Barb's idea, by the way!

This is the spot where the new rug landed ~ in our bedroom. It was originally done for the bathroom but I don't want to put makeup on, standing on this beautiful rug, so for now it will reside in front of the dresser.

As I looked at the photo above, the rug hanging over the little mustard drysink is one that I did in a class with Emma Lou Lais, many years ago now. I don't think I've posted it before so thought it was a good time to include it. I've taken two classes with Emma Lou in years past and I love that woman! Well into her eighty's now, she is still teaching but not traveling to teach ~ I'd love to head out to Kansas City and spend time with her, soaking up all that she knows! I ran out of the background wool that she helped me choose, so I improvised with the darker gold spread throughout the background. In the 'olden' days, that's exactly what a rug hooker would do ~ use whatever was available to fill in the blanks! I love that look in a rug!

Still, no decorating ~ maybe today! I was busy at the beginning of the week, making a scarf for a donation. Then on Tuesday, we had a meeting to allot the money from our Homebuilders auction ~ we adopted 14 families that included 37 children and wrote checks to several local service agencies. A lot of it is done thru gift cards so that families can buy warm clothing and food for their tables. Our building industry has been hit very hard, yet all the builders and suppliers who attended the auction that night, gave very generously in order to help so many! We are very grateful, indeed, to be able to lift the spirits of these deserving people! Some of the stories presented to us are so heart wrenching ~ we must all count our blessings daily!!

So ~ the time is drawing near ~ eight days!!! Holy crow!! Our Seattle family will arrive on the 23rd ~ then the fun will really begin!! Enjoy these days ahead getting ready ~ that's how I'm approaching it ~ 'enjoyable'!!! I'll keep you posted!


Tammy Burks said...

Your rug turned out beautiful! It has such a nice warm feeling to it.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ Just love your rug ;-) I don't know how you do it, but you do "purple" so well.
What a wonderful thing the homebuilders do to help those less fortunate!
Now, get busy and start decorating!!!
Pug hugs :)

Gayle said...

Alice - I love your new rug. The idea of including friendship wool in it is a great one, and I think I'll try and do that myself some time! I'm a huge fan of paisley, so those little ones on the edges really caught my eye. I've also taken a class from Emma Lou when she was able to come to Utah, and it was a great experience.

passot0 said...

I love how the rug turned out. You did a fantastic job. Now if only I could finish mine. Donna

Linda said...

Alice.........just love your new rug,
the one on the wall too!
I simply must get back to attempting to hook. I love reading all of the blogs of inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rug(s)Alice! You are right, this is definitely a time to count our blessings! Enjoy these sweet days of Christmas with your family! Hugs dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice...I love how your rug turned out! Lovely colours!
Happy Hooking!! Hugs, Sunnie ; )

Mary Stanley said...

Alice, Love your WHATNOTS rug! It came out so beautifully- love your colors. Wishing you Happy Holidays from the West Coast rug hookers!