Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What a great day we had!! We wandered over to Marblehead to listen to Delicate Balance Collective play on the front porch of the Jodie McCallum & Company art gallery. DBC, as they refer to themselves, played some great jazz and blues ~ they played guitars and sang to an ever changing audience that sat in chairs and stood on the sidewalk ~ cars honking in approval as they passed! Jodie and her husband, Grant, hosted this entertaining afternoon in conjunction with showcasing the various artists that they represent in their gallery. There is pottery, paintings, jewelry, handmade tile, photography ~ something for everybody! And to top it off, they plied their visitors with wine and appetizers ~ a very generous and well-received gesture! If you're in the Marblehead area, stop by and visit Jodie's gallery ~ she'll be happy to see you! Check out Jodie's blog ~ her photos show it much better than mine!! I don't have any vested interest in this but I just like to promote art and artists ~ we want to see these small galleries thrive!

This is SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN LAKESIDE! Lakeside is just a wonderfully peaceful place - one of the old time Chautauqua's - and there was a wooden boat show on the hotel lawn and in the water. Restored Lyman boats and Cris Crafts were on display for close inspection ~ the oldest one dating back to 1901. Sonny was particularly interested since he built a bar for the condo out of an old discarded Lyman - I'll post pictures sometime soon!!

Along with the boats, there were 52 artists from the Plein Air Society painting various scenes around the grounds. They had been painting in the area since Friday and at 3 p.m. on Sunday, they had a 'wet paint' sale of all the paintings the artists had done in that 3 day time frame! Really quite beautiful things and some of the artists created several in that amount of time and had them framed and ready to go at the appointed hour - we hope they did well! It was just a great relaxing day ~ surround by artistic paintings and artistically crafted wooden boats ~ and lots and lots of people there to appreciate them! We ended our day at Mon Ami winery listening to the music of Collin Dussault on the lawn, accompanied by a little adult beverage and a nice little hand-tossed gourmet pizza!! A good time was had by all!

Finally, I got some hooking time in ~ I started this M. Shaw pattern the week before and on Monday morning before Tad and I came home, I hooked a little more. This will be for our room up at the condo ~ I have an M. Shaw cat painting in that room and a folk art rabbit so somehow I think it all works!!

Monday morning, this beautiful sunrise was the view out of the patio door ~ such great color ~ I always try to wake up to see the sunrise ~ not that I get up then but it's definitely worth the effort! I am really appreciating the peace and quiet of the lake ~ it gets harder and harder to pack up and come home, even though home is a nice place to be. This was a really nice weekend - just Sonny & I bumming around enjoying what the area has to offer. Next weekend will be a party weekend ~ our annual trip to Put-in-Bay with all our lake friends ~ don't know if I'll be posting pictures of all that hilarity!!


Kim said...

Alice the pics are lovely! Looks like a fun weekend and you're right...so peaceful!!! Looking forward to seeing that M Shaw rug come alive under your hook!

JoJo said...

Love the bunny pattern. It'll be interesting to see how you hook it. And the sunrise picture? So beautiful. I'm up every work day by 5:15 --- not my choice since on weekends, I usually don't get out of bed until 9 or so. But unfortunately, I don't always get the chance to slow down and enjoy the sun coming up. Too much activity with getting coffee made, starting breakfast and reading the paper, along with feeding 5 very hungry cats.

I need to slow down and enjoy the sights that God gives us.

Anonymous said...

Alice~Your lake pictures are gorgeous! I love the M.Shaw pattern you chose...folk art rabbits are some of my favorites! Awwww...no pictures of hilarity? (:

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Oh, those old wooden boats. They are so gorgeous!
As usual, sounds like you had a fun weekend. I'm glad you found some time to hook and to share your progress with your groupies...lol!
Pug hugs :)