Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A week ago last Monday, that is ~ these girls came for a class on different ways to finish a rug! Penny, Joan, Susan and Lauren brought these finished pieces to work on and by the time they left, we had worked on five different ways to finish off their rugs! We had a great time ~ I served them homemade soup and pie for lunch ~ and I think we all learned some new things! I learned that I need a BIG needle if I'm going to whip with wool strips! Thank you so much, girls, for coming to spend the day and allowing me to share what I know with you and also the opportunity to learn from you, as well!!

Susan brought her proddy sheep rug for me to photograph ~ this was done in a class here a couple of years ago and I think she did a wonderful job! I love it all ~ her background, her border, and of course that woolly sheep!!
And Joan did a fabulous job on her proddy sheep and the flag background! Before she left that day, we talked about braiding the border, figured the wool in my odd way, and sent her on her way!! She did a great job and I was so happy to see her finished product! Thanks to both of them from letting me put their rugs out there for the world to see!!!

Here's the newest progress picture of the sheep rug ~ I'm doing the border in a hit-and-miss style! That's a really hard one for me ~ I am tempted to say that I'm way too controlling to be that random about using what's in front of me ~ but that sounds kind of negative!! Wish I could think of another word ~ I was going to say 'too anal' ~ we don't like that word either!! But you get my drift!!

And this, dear friends, is how I go about hit-and-miss!! I dumped the strip basket onto the floor !~ sorted the strips ~ and then choose from there!! Since there are lots of these little blocks running around the rug ~ these strips aren't going to do it ~ I have another basket that contains pieces of wool a couple of inches wide or so, that were left from other rugs ~ so I will soon delve into that pile! It should be interesting ~ and of course, I'll keep you posted!!

This has been quite a week, weatherwise, here in Ohio ~ like so many other places in this country! Snow ~ rain ~ COLD temps ~ you gotta be tough to live here, me thinks!! The daffodils are trying to hold up their big yellow heads under all this ~ kind of like many of us in this country right now!! That was profound, wasn't it?? Okay, I'm off to get the gray hairs colored ~ bless my daughter-in-law for taking care of that for me!!!!! Have a good day, friends!


jane augenstein said...

Alice, looks like you all had a wonderful time and the rugs are so pretty! Love the proddy look but I have never tried it. Oh, I wish I lived closer to you, I'd come for lunch if you serve soup and pie!!! :-)
Jane and Gilly

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Beautiful rugs Alice!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
The class was so much fun! You're a great teacher. I do hope you were able to get my drool off your floor after I left. I LOVE your house ~ my kind of decorating. Your sheep rug is coming along nicely.
P.S. That rug sure does make me look fat!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi girls!! Thanks for the compliments ~ Jane, I wish you were closer, too ~ come up anytime!!
Julie, I know those girls will appreciate your kind words ~ their rugs are beautiful!
And Lauren, honey ~ I think you look thin!! No ~ that rug definitely doesn't make you look fat!!!!! But the comment was quite funny!! So glad you enjoyed your day ~ you're welcome anytime!!
Alice ~ the happy hooker!!!!

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a fun class. Love the proddy rug, something I would like to try someday.


JoJo said...

Your class sounds wonderful. I love to get together with other hookers and learn from them. The soup and pie sounds pretty good also. Love the way your sheep rug is turning out. Good luck with getting past your "brain blocks" so your hit-and-miss border turns out the way you want it to.

BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

Sheep anyone. Just look at all of the fun sheep rugs. I like the prodded sheep. Your sheep looks awesome and you are using up some wool strips to. Always a plus. I am sending my wool stripper in for repairs so no hooking with wool strips for me.Thanks for visiting my blog sweety. We are now in Colorado.

Hugs JoEllen

Anonymous said...

Hi JoEllen! what fun your class was!!! : ) I really enjoy getting together with other rug hookers too...lots of inspiration!!! : ) The rugs shown are great!!!!! : )

I am trying to visit my favourite blogs more but I'm finding it difficult because of my dial-up connection!!!
Maybe you know some tricks to get the pages to load faster!! There are so many posts and photos on the front page of many of my favourites that the page won't load for me, sometimes for 10 minutes or longer!!! I spent 20 minutes once trying to refresh and refresh a blog page and finally gave up!! : ( Aaagghh!!

I changed my Blog to show only the 2 or 3 newest posts on my front page and the older posts can be looked at by clicking on "older posts"!!! LOL I find my page with the photos loads quite I hope sometime others will put the 3 or 4 newest posts on the front page and let those of us with dial-ups enjoy the blogs once again!!!

Any suggestions would be helpful!! : ) Hugs, Sunnie ; )

ShabbySheep said...

Can you believe I've never hooked a sheep and that's the name of my blog!?!?! What's up with that? I love the pics. I wish I lived closer too! Looks like you guys had fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops!! Alice!! I'm calling you by the wrong name in my earlier post!!! I must be losing my mind (what I have left!!) LOL Good Grief...please accept my apology! I had just read a post on Rug Hooking Daily by Jo I must be calling everyone by that name!!! : (
My hairdresser told me last week that she had left a message for her insurance lady and, because she had just talked to her son a short time before, ended her message with "I love you!!" LOL I'm losing my grip too!!! Hugs, Sunnie ; )

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks everybody, for your nice comments ~ as I read all of them and check other blogs, we're a band of kindred spirits, aren't we? I value each of you as my online friends and hope our paths cross someday!!