Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes, eight days since I last posted ~ holy crow ~ time flies!!! I have been getting the taxes ready for the accountant and had to keep my nose to the wheel until those were done ~ I delivered them this morning so now life can go on!! This little sheep rug is on the frame now ~ I started it while my friends were here last week and then worked on it last night as my reward for the tax prep! Notice his little purple legs and red hooves and he has sparkly black ears!! Yeah, team ~ I'm back to hooking!!

Last Saturday, my friend, Heidi, and I went to Bowling Green to a fiber show. We had never been to one but the info we saw made it look intriguing, so off we went! There were quite a few booths ~ this one had beautiful rovings and yarns ~ absolutely beautiful yarns for knitters and finished product for non-knitters!!
This is Liz Cowdery with her absolutely fabulous dyed roving ~ look at all those colors ~ a feast for the eyes! I bought her white roving to dye or sell as-is for hooking sheep or beards! I actually purchased several different balls and hanks of dyed roving to use in hooking ~ we really didn't know that there were so many businesses out there to purchase from ~ the spinners must have been in hog heaven!!

And last but not least, my friend Heidi and our friend Kris Miller and husband, Ken, standing in her booth! I told Heidi to watch for her picture ~ she loves it when I put her in here ~ I know Kris will, too!! Another thing we purchased were two fleeces (like - right off the sheep!) ~ I love to hook sheep with the actual fleece so we're gonna get grubby and wash it nice and clean and then I will dye mine to sell and leave some as-is!! It's not a very fun job, people ~ but as with many things, the result will be worth it!! We really had a fun day and we're so glad we made the time to go ~ we'll definitely go next year!!

These pictures are from our Friday night fun! This is grandson Camden getting his head shaved for the St. Baldricks charity event for kids with cancer. The two lovelies are my daughter-in-law, Miki, on the right and on the left, is our friend, Beth who works at Miki's hair salon. Miki, Beth and Abby did all the head shaving that evening and grandsons, Camden and Jakob participated for the second year and let Aunt Miki do the honors!!
This is Jakob before he lost his locks and he is shaving the head of our friend, Melody ~ you've seen her on here before ~ she is the proud owner of the Leicester Sheep rug! Melody volunteered for the second year to get her head shaved with the boys ~ she is their school librarian and was inspired by Camden two years ago ~ they all had sponsors and we're so proud of each of them!! It takes the giving hearts of people like Miki and her girls, kids like Jakob and Cam, and library ladies like Melody to give something to others that will help in research and treatment so little kids can be healthy and happy!! We applaud all of them!!


Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...glad to see a new post. The way you're hooking that sheepie is so cool...I love it! What fun to go to a fiber fair...not sure I'd bring home fresh-shorn wool, though. Show us as you're cleaning it, okay? Love the shaved heads.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, Jacque ~ that's a great idea ~ I should be cleaning it this week ~ I'll try to remember to take pictures!!