Monday, March 16, 2009


We can certainly hope so!! At any rate, today the last of the winter decorations are heading to the basement!! This is our family photo from three years ago now ~ it hangs over an antique coffee storage box in the hall that leads to the kitchen. The snowman is an antique papier mache mold ~ and nestled in boxwood from the garden is a trio of porcelain snowmen done by Ohio artist, Pat Warthen ~ which makes me think, I have not seen Pat in a long time!

I love this stack of old benches in the hall ~ across from the little guest bath tucked under the stairs ~ in fact, I was standing in the little room to get this picture! I buy little old benches with the thought of hooking rug toppers for them ~ it never seems to happen ~ until then ~ they make a nice collection!!

Friday, we were invited to stay with our lake friends, Karen & John, at the home near Cleveland ~ then they took us downtown ~ where we never go ~ to Ohio City and Little Italy. What a fun afternoon ~ lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Co. in a really old restaurant ~ touring the little bistros in an old Italian neighborhood that has great little galleries and bakeries ~ and a trip to the famed WestSide Market. On Saturday, I attended a wedding shower for the girl that will marry their son this summer. What a lovely affair ~ luncheon at a hotel ~ beautiful centerpieces (a beach theme as they live in Florida) ~ delectable lunch (choice of four entrees) ~ and a set of glass coasters embossed with shells to take home! The bride-to-be is a beautiful girl and she received such nice gifts to begin their new life!

We spent Sunday working outside ~ cleaning out the flower beds ~ adding to the compost pile! It was a gorgeous day! Grandson, Luke, rode his bike over (he's getting so big - he's 10) and helped me for a while ~ that was great ~ I told him I would give him something for helping ~ and I forgot to do that before he left!!! Gotta pay my debts today!!! So, we had another really nice weekend ~ and now to work!

Have a good day wherever you are!


Linda said...

Sounds like a fun weekend to me. We went out with friends as well. To a new antique barn. The barn was full of metal beds. Never have I seen so many beds. I think its time for mr snowman to go to bed. Linda

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

So many metal beds ~ isn't that a weird thing?

JoJo said...

It sounds like you had another wonderful weekend. Mine was busy also as I had my regular monthly hook-in on Saturday. Sunday was church and the start of our 3 year expansion campaign.

I hope winter's over also. Our high today was 74, tomorrow should be 78 and then a cold front comes through, taking us back to the upper 50's. My daylilies are coming up so I hope there won't be more snow or freezing temps.

Unknown said...

Oh Alice,

You make me tired just reading about your busy life, I sure wish that I had your energy.

You are way ahead of me with the spring yardwork. Our snow is melting very quickly, but the ground is too wet for me to walk on. I am anxious to get the rake out and clean the boulivard. I know that I will go overboard and will end up in bed for a day or two, but it is so worth it to spend a few hours outside. Our snow and cold weather will be back, but we can pretend for a bit that its gone until October!

I did watch the Oprah show about MS, and you are right, it was very emotional. For me, it was so strange to hear someone talking that knows what I am going through on a daily basis. It actually felt so good that I finally emailed the MS support group co-ordinator here in town and said that I would go to a meeting. Hub's was so surprised, and pleased that I will finally 'talk' in person to others with this disease.

Thank you Alice for always visiting my blog, and commenting with your encouraging words, it really means alot. Please know also, that if I don't respond it's not cause I'm ignoring you...I am just lazy:)

Wooly hugs,