Monday, December 1, 2014


This little Santa was hooked by me years ago and what I love about it is that the background is the linen foundation. It hooks up pretty fast and would make a nice gift!

A couple of months ago, a customer ordered the pattern so thought I would draw up a few and offer them for sale. It will 9 x 12 and is $20 ~ since it's Cyber Monday, I'll include the USA shipping for today only! Email me at!

Thanks so much for reading ~ I've been missing in action for a while ~ life gets so busy here!! We had a great Thanksgiving at our lake place with Ted and family ~ even went to Walmart and bought a Black Friday special! That's a first for us ~ it was very orderly and Sonny got a good buy on a flat screen tv. The kids make such fun of us because we still watch tv's with tubes and not very big ones at that!! Combine that with the fact that Sonny recently got a smart phone ~ they're pretty impressed!

Have a good week and I'll get these out as fast as I can!!!


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weaverpat said...

Love the little Santa!

Oh no! We still have the old small TV too! Let us know how you like the new big one. We keep debating, but when it comes to going out and buying, it hasn't happened yet.

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Susan said...

Love your Santa on linen. Wish I was a hooker, I would definitely do this one.

acorn hollow said...

Oh I like your santa but just ordered one to do.
we were late to the whole tv thing our motto if it's not broken why change it

susan hemann said...

beautiful Santa pattern, love the different textures.

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Alice...what am like 20 day late reading your blog! lol
Well I've missed out on quite a lot of blogs this past Fall and Winter with all that has been going on.
I'm hoping I can get back into the groove and be a part of the blog family again.
The Santa is adorable and my first thought was ORDER IT!!!! But my 2nd thought was nope, still have 2 Christmas hooked pieces in the process and 3 that aren't even started and so that dear ole Santa would just go in the hooking box with the rest lol But then again you never know - I may just convince myself I need it for next year.
Blessings to you the Christmas season.