Thursday, October 9, 2014


My Maggie Bonanomi bedcover is coming along! Laura and Pam and I gathered again on Monday and they're really helping me to stay at it!

There are still things to add and more stitches to do but it's on the downhill now!!

Life is busy here as always! Had a fun weekend at Kelleys Island with our lake friends. It was cold and windy but we made our rounds of our favorite watering holes and had lots of laughs!! The words on my project are Live Love Laugh ~ that's our motto ~ and hope that we've accomplished that at the end of every day!!

Here's to making the most of your day!!

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Julia said...

It a great motto to live by and it shows that you live this way. I love this piece and the colors goes together so well.

Live, Love and Laugh some more.

Saundra said...

It is looking spectacular. Having friends to work on it with is good as it motivates you to keep on going on. You'll enjoy it when it is all done.


Cathy G. said...

Alice your wool piece is really great! I love how it reflects your life and loves! I am in awe of how you find the time to accomplish so much!!
Cathy G

Wendie Scott Davis said...

So beautiful, Alice. It's on my "to do" list, which as of yet has not morphed into a bucket list. I think the key is to get together with someone to work on it. Otherwise, other things get in the way. It is truly a masterpiece!

Unknown said...