Saturday, January 4, 2014


Time to pack them away for the year ~ the house will look so bare.

The Santas in this cupboard and the one above were all made by the same artist. I never met her ~ she would send her things with a friend that I did shows with years ago and I was always happy to have the first opportunity to buy! They're sewn figures then the faces and hands were coated with wax ~ very unusual. The clothing is very detailed and you can tell made with love.

These are vintage and artist's Santas acquires thru the years.

Salt glaze Santas all purchased from a potter that did Yankee Peddler a long time ago.

This is appliqu├ęd wool on an antique quilt background stitched by an artist named Joyce (I can't remember her last name) that I did shows with when I was a doll maker. I ran into her in the last couple of years and now she hooks rugs, too. Maybe she reads my blog and will make herself known!!

We kept the house decorated since we had Sonny's brothers and wives last night for our annual gathering. Sonny is the oldest of eight boys ~ there are six remaining. It was bitter cold last night so one couple opted out and SIL Pam was under the weather ~ but we ate and talked and it gives the brothers a chance to bond!! Sonny will be 70 in a couple of weeks and the youngest is 15 years younger. Their mom and dad ran a tight ship ~ can you imagine 8 boys in 15 years?

I've set a goal of cleaning a closet or a cupboard every day in January ~ so far I'm 3 for 3!! Today's plate is full ~ have a good day wherever you are!!


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s said...

making my house bare today too and I cam cleaning out closets and cupboards too

Rugs and Pugs said...

Eight boys? WOW! They do say boys are easier than girls, but I just can't imagine 8!!!
If you run out of closets and cupboards to clean, you are welcome to pay me a visit.
LOVE all your Santas.
Stay warm.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

Oh Alice, I'd be exhausted just after packing up Christmas holiday decorations.

And, for cupboards and closets, I need to set goals like you since I'm way overdue.


jody said...

Im doing the same thing today in between shoveling..enjoy your day! Love your Santas!