Wednesday, October 23, 2013


"Welcome Home", my Tipp City class design using templates from Ali Strebel and Karen Kahle. I really like it and hope to do the finish soon!

Ta dah!! Heidi's rug design of her Lake Erie trailer ~ we'll, a whimsical adaptation of it, anyway! It's really cute and she found buttons that will look just like tires!!

Here's Tipp and Miss Tippy ~ before the separation! We'll keep you posted on their travels!!

Last but not least ~ beautiful Firebush in our garden!! Enjoy the fall colors ~ Winter's right around the corner!
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Julia said...

I love your cheery welcome rug. It will make everyone who walk into your home feel very welcomed.
The background is perfect.

Love your burning bush, such an eye catcher,Hugs,

Saundra said...

Love your Welcome Home design and the colors. The Lake Eire Trailer is cute as the dickens.

The firebush warmed me right up at the though of winter. Thanks for showing us the pics.


Maria said...

Great rugs! I'm sure your class will be a great learning experience filled with good fun and plenty of laughs! Maria

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Alice,

Love your mat and love the idea of templates from two designers - two amazing designers!!! What a treat.

thanks for the comment you left for me. we are off to Cuba next week for a rehearsal for Barbados in January - at least that is what I am saying


dulcy said...

Love it all! Maybe I'll show up in Tipp City if you girls keep this going. Would love one of those cute little kitties!!


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