Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Minnie the Cat ~ all done!! This was my Sauder class project ~ designed by Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs ~ our teacher for the week! One of my friends liked it so well, she ordered a pattern for herself! Can't wait to see it, Sue!

I also finished my hand-torn crow from Heavens to Betsy, using my scraps!! I'm on a roll! So many unfinished pieces and going to two hooking classes in October!!

These were done by Marge Dreher ~ my talented neighbor at Quailcrest a couple of Saturdays ago. The sheep are needle felted and the miniature painting is of a hooking studio ~ both beautiful! The show was well attended and we had a great day ~ except for once again, having another small sheep mat stolen! We couldn't believe it happened again. Very disheartening to have my creativity and time consuming work taken right out from under us. There are opportunists everywhere ~ it makes me feel like I can't safely display my own work anymore but I refuse to let a common thief steal my joy as well. We had a great day with beautiful weather and stopped for a yummy dinner with friends, Lou and Vivian, on the way home ~ very grateful for all the good things that happened that day!

Friend Vivian and I went to the Country Living Fair last Friday in Columbus, where this huge display of gourds and pumpkins caught my eye! So many shoppers ~ hard to believe that so many of us waited in line on the highway, waited in lines to park and then waited in line to pay a lot of money to get in the gate!! But it was a fun day for sure! I talked to a customer today in New York and she said ' you gals in Ohio have all the fun things going on'!! She may be right!

This recycled jeans jacket was one of my purchases! Vivian assured me that it looked good on me so I happily took it off the artist's hands ~ I only needed a little encouragement ~ her booth was very popular!! I also got a handwoven rug for in front of the fireplace and a carved whale for the condo ~ and passed up lots of other fun stuff!!

That's it from here ~ office work as usual looming in front of me and a show next weekend! No rest for the wicked, they say!!! Whoever 'they' are!!

Ta ya for now!!

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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience at Quail Crest, Jackie had told me. I've had things walk when I did craft shows and it is quite disheartening. Looking forward to your class in November.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh my gosh, Alice! I can't believe another rug was swiped! Your rugs are so nice. I love the colors. I have never been to the Country Living Show...I heard it was quite something! Have fun at Malabar next weekend!

Jacque. said...

Sounds like a great time, but ohmy...another rug stolen. That is, indeed, disheartening. Glad you didn't let it ruin your day, though. Love the photos!

weaverpat said...

Love that kitty rug!
The jean jacket is totally funky and so cool.
I'm sorry to hear that another rug has been stolen. It is a compliment to your excellent work that people want it so badly that they have to steal it! But still not nice for you who has put so much time and effort into the designing and creating.

My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Alice...oh my I love your new rug - it's so perfect...I just can't seem to get my circles as nice as everyone elses that I see. I need to go to a hook in or workshop and be taught or at least watch someone else do it.
I'm so sorry your rug was stolen...this is happening a lot lately. Teresa from Teresa's Primitive Treasures had 3 stolen at her show in August. Hooked Rugs are being the target this year I guess. Check on the selling sites out there and see if it pops up.
Maybe you will have to take safety pins and pin them to the table cover from the backside so no one can lift them up - a lot of work to do this to assure no more stealing but the work you go through is a lot too. Worth a try at least.
One day I will get to the Country Living show - I hear it's just wonderful.
Cute top you bought.

Julia said...

Sorry to hear that yet another rug was stolen. How discouraging this must be. Obviously, your rugs are very tempting to thieves. You do such nice work. I hope that the thief gets caught.

Love the cat rug. It turned out perfect and I love the recycled jacket. I bet it does look good on you.


dulcy said...

On the up side.... LOVE the new jacket! I'm sure it looks fabulous on you Alice. Down side... very disappointing to have something snitched from you like that. It sounds as though you took it in stride and had a wonderful day anyway!!