Friday, July 26, 2013


That is where we had a fabulous dinner last Saturday night with Margo and Rich (he is in the background and you can hardly see his smiling face) and their friends, Don and Christie!  The Kitchen's Bounty in Huron, Ohio is owned by Terri Bergman, who Mansfielders may remember was the Executive Director at our local Rennaisance Theatre!   Terri hosts these wonderful cooking classes in her home studio and this photo will be in our local Heart of Ohio magazine in a couple of months.

Our first course was served in a beautiful bar area, where all 17 guests could sit comfortably as Terri gave us an overview of how the evening would proceed.  These tidbits were so yummy and  recipes for this and all of our dinner were  part of our welcome package! 

 Terri and her staff do all of the cooking and much of the prep right before our eyes in her gorgeous kitchen studio!  We were invited to don aprons and be hands-on guests ~ but nobody availed themselves of her offer!  We were happy to sip our sangria and soak in all that she had to share!

 There were six courses served and this is the flaming hot bacon dressing for the salad course!  Makes a great presentation, for sure! Before this, we had a fabulous lobster bisque ~ after watching Mr. Lobster go for a swim, so to speak!  Next was a sorbet to cleanse the palate before the main course of Leaping Frog chicken, a fresh corn salad and roasted potatoes!  Terri is extremely vivacious and entertaining as she instructed us with the preparation details!  She makes you think even you can prepare this feast for the eyes!

 Somehow, I missed getting a photo of the main course but I sure didn't want you to miss seeing this fabulous dessert!!  An almond biscuit which was more like a delectable scone accompanied by sauteed peaches, fresh berry compote, ice cream and angel whipped cream topped with candied almonds!!

This was the view from the entry hall as we stepped in the front door!   Part of our experience was seeing  this showplace of a home that had so many rooms and twists and turns that we were afraid we were going to miss something! Terri sent us on a self-guided tour as she awaited the rest of the guests. 

Every table was beautifully set and this grouping surrounded a baby grande piana that played itself!!
There was a dark and dramatic dining room where most of the guests were that evening but that's a photo that you can see on her website! 

The six Mansfielders chose these two tables in the kitchen ~ looks just like my kitchen at home!  Well ~ not quite!! Although, we missed out on chatting with her other guests, we had the best seats in the house ~ right at the end of that gourmet kitchen and right where all the action was!! We couldn't have made a better choice!

This was one of the outdoor vignettes that we saw out the many windows that made up the back of the house!  Decks with lots of flowers and furniture ~ also used for dining but it was a really hot, muggy evening so we were happy to be inside. 

We really can't say enough about our time at The Kitchen's Bounty ~ certainly, something we will do again!  We can think of all kinds of people that would enjoy an evening here and definitely plan on returning.  Do check out the website where Terri also shares recipes and gives her schedule of upcoming events!!

Life is busy and hectic at our house ~ I see that it's been three weeks since I've written anything ~ I'll try to do better but knew that you would love to read about this little adventure!  Hope all is well in your world and we'll talk soon!!



Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Good to know you're alive and well and still the life of the party :)
That dessert looks to die for. I think I gained two pounds just drooling over it.
Can you believe July is almost over? Where the heck has summer gone???
Hugs :)

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Wow! And Yum! And can I come next time? Sarah

Julia said...

Oh Alice, you are busy but you sure are living life to the full. This looks like an amazing place to eat. The studio also looks grand and nice decor in the entry. Love the self playing piano, how cool.

I think that I could go for that desert without too much coshing.

Looking to read more about your good life.
I hope that you escaped the rainy weekend that we are having. heavy rain for three days.


Julia said...

Oops, that should be "coaxing"

The Eveningstitcher said...

Wow Alice...what a spread!! I was wondering what the heck happened to's not like you to go so long in between post!! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

Saundra said...

Good grief Alice I just gained 5 lbs looking at the pictures and reading about the delicious food.


Miccosukee said...

What a great group of friends you have! That dessert alone looked delicious. I am sure you got the recipe.
Love reading how you keep yourself so busy. Yours is one of those blogs I try to check whenever I log on!

Kim said...

Wow, what an amazing evening! Kind of makes me feel like an under-achiever for tonight's meatloaf dinner :(

dulcy said...

I'm feeling deprived while sitting here eating my yogurt and granola.... It all looks amazing and delicious!!


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