Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Thanks to Sonny, this is our one and only Christmas decoration! I have had a miserable cold since Friday evening and have done nothing productive (other than knitting!). Maybe today! He also made jars and jars of jam on Sunday ~ peach, blackberry and blueberry! He picked and gathered during the season and froze it all in batch amounts so he would be ready when he had time. I swear, he can work circles around me!!  Might I add ~ this is the FATTEST tree we've ever had ~ it's a monster!!

Last week, miss Luci turned 10 years old! Her mom's friend made these darling snowman cupcakes ~ not only did they look great, they were very tasty! On Friday, Luci had her tonsils out ~ all went well and she's on the mend!!! She had a big week!

In the mail last week, I received these sheep socks and little pinwheel ornament from a rug hooking friend! Thank you, Charisse ~ you are such a thoughtful gal!!

Saturday, son Chris and family are coming from Seattle! I sure hope this creeping crud that I'm afflicted with goes away before then!! Lots to do is an understatement!

One little fun tidbit about my charming Mr. Kitty ~ he's eating the pine needles and they make him sick!! Need I say more?  And he dumped a container of Kyolic garlic capsules that I take and I think he may have eaten some of those!!  And the ones he didn't eat, had chew marks on them!  Nice kitty!!

Hope you're all having a good pre-holiday week!!

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Julia said...

Now that's a Christmas tree. It looks beautiful and sparkly.
Sunny is a keeper for sure. I'm impresses at his aptitude of decorating the tree and making all that jam. He'll probably cook the turkey too I bet.

I wish you speedy recovery from your nasty cold.

Happy Birthday to Luci and speedy recovery for her as well.

I had to laugh at your self medicated kitty. I wouldn't want to be around when he decide to go to the bathroom, he,he. At least he chooses the natural medicine over synthetic drugs.

Rest well.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes,Julia ~ we like natural medicine here!! Good thing!!! I think I will cook the turkey and we're having a tenderloin, too ~ but Sonny can do lots of things, including building a great house ~ and I'm grateful for it!