Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Berks County Floral is bound and steamed and has found it's  new home!  I hung it and moved it and hung it somewhere else and moved it again till it looked right! The first spot was too dark but this seems pretty good.  I do love the colors ~ dark and rich!
The Shape of Things from my Tipp City class this
Fall is also done!   I laid it on the floor of the guest bath ~ it needs a little rug in there ~ we'll see ~ for now it's back down in the hooking room!  I love the colors in this rug, too ~ and the striated background. 

 These are all the different wools used in that background ~ and they all work well together to make a dark "black" color.  It was kind of a learning tool for me and I'll use that style again sometime.  There are three rugs down there waiting to be finished ~ I think I'll start on the smallest one first ~ it might need to be finished quick for a gift! 

We've had a busy week ~ last Saturday, we spent at a wrestling meet for grandson Luke!  It was kind of fun ~ I didn't expect it to be ~ but it was!  His dad, Teddy, wrestled in Junior High, too and my stepson, Brian, was a wrestler in high school. 

Went to Luke's Christmas band concert one evening ~ 7th and 8th grade bands ~ they were very good ~ better than my own high school band, as I remember ~ I played the trombone ~ can you imagine?!  This next week we'll attend a choir concert and an elementary concert  ~ we're vying for our Grandparents of the Year award!! 

Last night, we went to a wine tasting (fun!) and then met Teddy and family at a restaurant for Miss Luci's 9th birthday gathering ~ that was fun, too!  On the way home, we stopped at our local Happy Grape wine bar for some more socializing and then stopped back at Teddy's house to finish off the evening!  It was a great Friday night ~ right up our alley! 

Tomorrow, I'm dragging out the Christmas decorations in hopes of instilling some Christmas spirit in this old soul!  So many of my fellow bloggers are in the same boat as me ~ lacking in enthusiasm for all that entails Christmas, as we know it these days!  I even planned a little get together in the next week ~ very self-serving in that I need a boost!  Life can be challenging sometimes ~ and I only need to look around me to know that we have many blessings. So, I'm getting on with it ~ join me in a little Christmas cheer!!!

Yesterday, a friend and I shopped for coats for a church that has a clothing program for the needy.  Just by chance, on Thursday night, I was told that they had no jackets of any kind for their monthly clothing day, which was today! During my sleepless night, it occurred to me that we have all this money from our Homebuilders Auction ~ and even though, we aren't meeting to distribute the funds till  Monday ~ that the gal who holds the checkbook and I could make an executive decision and make sure there were coats for kids today!!  I called Joy and she wholeheartedly agreed and off we went to Burlington Coat Factory!  We scoured their racks and found 17 coats that were $10 and $20 each ~ we were thrilled!  Then we went off to Kohls and bought some infant snowsuit type things, hats and gloves and with the Kohls cash we got, I'm going back tomorrow with my 20% coupon and buy underwear that they'll have for their January clothing day!  Now, I do have to say ~ that brightened my mood a bunch yesterday ~ Joy and I wasted no time in gathering a lot of things and spending over $400 very wisely, for sure.  I know there had to be some thrilled kids ~ and parents ~ today!  Actually, a good cure for the doldrums is to go out and do something for somebody else ~ note to self ~ remember that!!!!!!

It's going on 8 p.m. and we have not had supper yet ~ I'm fixing reubens ~ the first time in a long time that I've made those!  Reubens and a nice Riesling wine ~ good combination, me thinks!!!!!!  One night this week, I made tuna noodle casserole ~ something else I haven't made in eons!  That worked out great because we ended up having grandsons Jakob and Camden for supper ~ they have never had tuna fish ~ isn't that odd?  They liked it a lot and the universe was working for me that night!!!

Have a good Sunday ~ hope all is well in your world! 

Notice that on the left sidebar, I have noted that I have gift certificates available.  If you want a quick gift for someone you know that is a rug hooker or works with wool, please keep me in mind!! 


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I love your rugs! You've been a busy girl, hooking and otherwise. I wish I had half your energy.
Thanks for showing the wools you used in your background.
Pug hugs :)

acorn hollow said...

I love your rugs. It seems to me that the christmas spirit is alive and well in you. All of the concerts,coats for kids and wine tastings. If no decorations go up you still have celebrated the way it should be.

Saundra said...

I love where you put the Barb Carroll rug ~ perfect spot. And the other rug is great, those wools did work nicely together.

Reubens! I love them but when I treat myself to them now I use turkey instead of the good stuff becuse of keeping my cholesterol down without meds. Found myself making a lot of food choices differently than when I was younger.

annie said...

Your rugs are beautiful, I love the colors!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Hi Alice! I knew I was a follower. It's Michelle from Facebook. :) Love that Berks County Floral rug! It's the perfect size. I need to get back into the hookin' groove and attempt something. Did you design that rug or know who did?

Julia said...

Alice, you have been a BUSY girl and I applaud your insight at putting idle money to good use for the needy at this time of year. What a fantastic thing to do. It's always more blessed to give than to receive. A great way to catch the Christmas Spirit...

Your rugs looks great and like that you are showing the wool that went into the background for the one hung on the wall... A great way to use some left over wool that go well together.

Have a great week and stay warm and safe. JB

dulcy said...

Hi Alice!

I'm glad someone else doesn't get to supper until 8:00.... that was our time last night. I love your new rugs! Do you use a crocheted edge? I couldn't tell from the picture. I'm thinking of trying that out, I love the effect. Thanks for dropping by to say "hi" and checking out my friend Jessy's blog. She is new to this, and needs some lookers to leave comments.

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