Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today is Miss Luci's 8th birthday ~ she's the little bitty one!  We took Luci and granddaughter, Jordyn (she's also 8) to a local greenhouse for lunch!  It was to be their annual Christmas Tea but it got cancelled it till next week due to weather  ~ we have plans for next weekend so Grandpa said to ask if we could come and have lunch ~ yes, we could!  So, here are the two little cousins, standing in front of one of the loaded trees, all stuffed from their lunch and bubble-gum tea!  We heard some funny stories and shopped around and dropped them back at Luci's house ~ they were going to dance to Michael Jackson music!!   We're going back for soup and cake tonite!  I'll be really stuffed from celebrating Luci's birthday because on top of all this, Grandpa made pancakes and bacon for Luci's birthday breakfast!! 

You might think this is a black and white picture but this is what it looks like in beautiful Ohio today at 3:30 in the afternoon!!!  We really got hit with the snow and sounds like more to come!  I sure hope not ~ I have one busy week ~ and might I add,  no shopping done yet!!!!!  I wonder how IOU's will go over!!!!! 

These are more rugs from the Akron library hooking day ~ this was such a beautiful piece ~ very narrow cut and a very old piece.  Someone had started it many years ago and it is being finished and some of it re-done by a very nice gal, whose name I can't remember!!  If someone can help me, I'll add her name to this post!  Her work was impeccable!

Love this snowman!  I'm thinking it is Rita's rug ~ but if I'm not thinking right, again, let me know!  Cute, isn't it?
Another nice little rug ~ I think it would make a cute pillow!!
This rug looks like lots of work to me!  It was very well done and rightly so, since Betty Young is the creator!!  Betty is a teacher and a very 'fine' hooker!!
Thanks to friend, Donna ~ I found out this is Linda Gustafson's rug ~ I knew that!!  But I did forget ~ great rug, Linda!

Arlene is working on these little angels ~ she really didn't want to take their picture but I didn't know if I'd seen them finished.  They're cute little pieces, don't you think?  Arlene draws a lot of her own patterns ~ never an idle moment for her!

Linda Cook brought in this great sampler rug that she did ~ I love it!  I'd like to do one of these with my own drawings sometime ~ think I will do it before I leave this planet?!  I'm going to try!!
Friday night was our annual Homebuilders Christmas party ~ it was a beautiful night ~ weather was swell and we had our usual good time!  After the dinner and lots of mingling, we went to the Martini bar (again) and there were just lots of people we knew ~ once again, we were the oldest people in there ~ it seems like often we are anymore! We joined our kids there ~ they were also at the party ~ Sonny's son, Brian, is the president and my son, Ted, is on the board ~ and many of their friends, etc.  I have to say everyone is just swell to us ~ they don't make us feel like the oldest people in the place!! 

Saturday, a friend and I had a lengthy breakfast ~ trying to say everything we hadn't got talked over in the last couple of months!  Then Luke and Luci came to spend the night ~ their momma had her 40th birthday this week and they went off for a party with a cast of thousands!!  We played nertz and go fish and ate KFC chicken!!  And Grandpa and Luke got the Christmas tree and got it put up and decorated!!!  Considering the way it looks outside today, that was a stroke of genius!!!  I did some decorating but surely need to do more!!

So ~ a new week lays in front of me ~ a couple of lunch dates with hooker friends ~ appointments for Tad ~ billing to do ~ finish decorating ~ start shopping ~ and I do have my hooking Challenge to finish for the 20th!!  Might be good if I'd start it!!  You should live here ~ you just have to hang on for the ride and hope it all gets done!!!  Have a good snowy evening!

P.S.  I started my Challenge piece tonite!!  YaY for me ~ but ~ I'm worried ~ it seemed like a good idea ~ at the time ~ now it's kind of ~ well ~ you know!


acorn hollow said...

What sweet little girls sounds as if you have a lot going. I love the rugs and really can't wait to get back to hooking

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
As usual you are meeting yourself coming and going. Thanks for sharing the rugs!
Our snow did not start until early afternoon and so far we don't have nearly as much as you ~ but that's OK. I don't mind if you win. They are still talking seriously nasty weather with god-awful winds for a few days. Welcome to Ohio :)

jane augenstein said...

Ahhh, what cute little girls!!!
Nice rugs, I need to get busy hooking again, it's been awhile.
Snow! Wow, you got a lot. We have a winter weather advisory until Tuesday and we are supposed to get snow. They say 2 to 4 inches we got a lot of rain yesterday and this morning...ugh..then snow. what a muddy mess it's going to be! :-(

Kim said...

Your posts are always so action packed! Good luck with your list of chores.
Sorry about all that snow. I think it is pretty (in pictures). We are supposed to get lots of wind and rain. I hope it's just rain!

Tammy Burks said...

I love your snow picture! It does look like black and white...WOW! The girls are adorable....wonder if I could get away with wearing those striped tights.....too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Alice! I've missed you!
Your grand-daughters are beautiful!
I love reading your can one girl have SO much fun?!!(: We have snow too..maybe not quite as much as you tho...but so pretty! Love all those beautiful rugs too!
Wishing you sweet Christmas days.
(and that you get everything on your list finished!)~Kathy

Wendie Scott Davis said...

I miss having people this age around at Christmas. They make it so special. Somehow those 24 and 28 year olds don't seem to get so excited. However, we do stick with all the traditions - same food, no variations for the Eve and the Day. And everything is new here this year. Oh well, I'm sure there are grandkids somewhere out there - albeit not as cute as yours!!

The martini bar sounds great!

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Merry Christmas to you and Sonny, Alice !!

Lori Ann