Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here's a progress photo of my class rug ~ actually, there's more done than this now but I didn't want to run down to the hooking room and take another picture.  I like the way it's coming along ~ I'll show you more soon!

I love this quilt ~ it's a block-of-month project that one of the gals from deep in the South was working on.  All wool, it's a Maggie Bonanomi pattern and the colors are so soft and antique looking.  The stitcher hasn't put it all together yet but laid it out on the floor for all to admire! I have Maggie's books ~ wish I'd get one together ~ her work is all so appealing!

 This lovely rug is Linda Gustafson's class rug from last year at Sauder Village.  We were in Jule Marie's class so I was really glad to see her finished rug.  Linda loves color and this is a fine example! She also has a rug in this newest Celebrations book!   I wish I had taken a photo of  the rug she started at Tipp City ~ a really nice pumpkin that is that slate blue that we see now in the pumpkin world!

I don't know who the rug hooker was but I just love the colors  here ~ I do remember that it is a pattern of Rhonda Manley's ~ really antique looking!

 I think these, too, might be Rhonda Manley patterns ~ there were several displayed together on the floor ~ and they all had these great old colors.  I think a group of gals must have been out there taking class from her and brought their work for us to see!  I love looking at rugs ~ we hookers just never tire of see what everybody else is working on!  Elinor, who hooked the yellow house rug, just emailed me that particular pattern is Sally Kallin's pattern from Pine Island Primitives ~ thank you, Elinor!!!

 The rug to the right was done by Alice Strebel, one of our teachers ~ a combination of stitching and hooking ~ kind of a story rug, I believe.  The turkey may have been teacher Nola's and the stitchery box and other little piece look like they were Sue Spargo inspired.  I know some of the gals had been to classes with her, too.

Teacher Karen Kahle's "Bird Party" rug just speaks to me ~ love the colors!  I intended to buy this pattern and totally, forgot!!  I would probably do it just like this one!!  I'm not very original, you know!

 The next two photos are the work of the Nola, Karen and Alice ~ examples of what we could do with the paper patterns given to us in class and how each one of them interpreted those pieces.  You can see on this pillow that Karen Kahle used a proddy edge for the finish.  She showed us how to do that and it sure eliminates trying to stitch the backing right up to the last row of hooking ~ I'm going to try it sometime ~ when I make a pillow ~ which I've never done!!!

Love these chicken pillows!  In the top of the photo, you can see their interpretation of the pattern that I used ~ I think it is supposed to be bittersweet. 

All their work is so unique and individual ~ they brought lots of things to inspire us!

These rugs also belong to some of the students that were there day.  The top one with the ladies surely has to be a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern! And the rug in the right corner is a pictorial showing rug hookers working in the out of doors ~ hookers need fresh air, too, you know!!!!!

The last rug is one of Karen's, too.  If you click on it, it gives you a good idea of how she mixes colors and does a hit-and-miss style of hooking but not in straight lines like most of us do!  We get very hung up on perfection and matchy matchy colors and having just the right wool. I'm trying to grow in my hooking style ~ we'll see!

Last Saturday, Sonny and I went to Kelley's Island for the day ~ a beautiful fall day with our friends!  We went over early to meet with friends who have a house there ~ Sonny has a project to do for them ~ then we met up with our lake friends and went to the annual Chili Cook-off at one of the local establishments!  I had eight kinds of chili ~ and it ends up that the one I liked best and that won overall, belonged to our friend, Robin!!  I was so glad ~ I wondered what I would say if I didn't like her chili ~ but I wouldn't know that because they had numbers on them ~ not names ~ but hers was absolutely  the BEST!!!  We ran in to people we know from home that Sonny built a house for several years ago ~ so, that was fun!  Our Kelley's Island friends loaned us a golf cart so some of us rode and the really athletic, skinny ones walked until Sonny ran the cart shuttle and picked them up!  It was fun day that ended with a little evening snack at our local Moose Club back in Port Clinton ~ and guess what I had?  Chili cheese fries!!!  Wouldn't you think I'd had enough chili for one day?!

Tad and I are off to get our flu shots ~ after having that cold for three weeks, the last thing I need is the flu!  Have a great week ~ this weather is gorgeous ~  enjoy it while we can!!


Kim said...

Hi Alice,
Your class rug is coming along nicely. It must have been hard to concentrate on your own hooking with all those other wonderful rugs to distract you. So many different styles and color combos.
I would have loved to have been at the chili tasting event. It's almost time for me to make a batch. So good, with a warm homemade biscuit right out of the oven!

Anonymous said...

Hello Alice! I really love how your rug is coming along! Thanks for sharing your class photos..I like those chicken pillows too,I think I would choose those!(: Your weekend trip sounded always!(: Hope you are having a lovely week! hugs~Kathy

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I'm with you. I never tire looking at rugs that others have done/are hooking. Thank you so much for sharing.
Your rug is looking WONDERFUL!!! I lool forward to seeing more progress.
Pug hugs :)

Jeanne (RED) said...

Thanks so much for sharing rug photos from Tipp City and your own--it looks great--can't wait to see the progress on this one. I was really excited to see Maggie B's Quilt! I am a big fan of hers; took a class from her in Tyler, Texas this past May and have 2 projects for wool applique going. Her and Rhonda Manley both are in Missouri and I adore both of them. They are great teachers, and Rhonda, as evidenced here, is so talented with her beautiful patterns, fantastic wool, and color planning. Don't mean to gush, but Alice, so glad to see the photos of 2 women I actually get to see and learn from!Thank you so much for always posting such great photos on your blog!!
And it is getting to be Chili weather!! YUM! Love ya, Jeanne

Jen Manuell said...

Thanks for sharing Alice -- so many lovely rugs! ;-)

It just makes me want to abandon the last-minute class prep and just sit and hook. Sure wish I could...

jane augenstein said...

Wow, what beautiful rugs!!!! I have been a bad hooker and haven't hooked in awhile but I have been out riding in this beautiful weather!
Chili cookoff,(YUM) sounds like you all had a good time and your friend won! Great!!!

Kim said...

Alice! WOWZERS! It's all so wonderful! So much yummy eye candy! LOVE the rugs..and the Maggie B piece! Such wonderful wools in her pieces!!!

Jan said...

ONG, I just love all your beautiful rugs and quilts. They are just so primitive and heart warming colors. I love them all

Elinor said...

Hi Alice,

It's Elinor Barrett from Columbia MO. I'm the one with access to the groovy Ozark Handspun wool. Let me know if you want me to get any for you. Also, I hooked the 1858 urn rug shown in the picture above. I did it in a class with Rhonda Manley and as you said, it's her pattern. Thanks for your kind words! I also hooked the yellow house with two horses. That's Sally Kallin's pattern (Pine Island Primitives). Loved begin in Tipp City with all of you - a great time!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Elinor!! Bless your heart for letting me know those rugs were yours!!! If you check Karen Kahle's flickr page, some of our rugs are on there ~ pictures from my blog!! Send your photo to Karen and she'll post it, I'm sure!!! I loved every one of those rugs that were Rhonda's patterns ~ all wonderful! Was I right ~ did you girls go together? Thanks so much for checking in ~ stay in touch, please!!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hey Alice,
What great pictures!!! I am sitting here putting together materials for a Primitives Class and these are definitely wonderful reference too. I am loving the Karen Kahle pieces and the chicken pillows. And that Maggie B. quilt is incredible.Can't wait to see your bittersweet mat's progress.
Now if only I could find time to post something.....

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Darren Demers said...

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