Monday, August 30, 2010


This is my friend, Aryl Polokoff's rug!  Isn't she the cutest little hooker?  Aryl (sounds like Carl) and I sat beside each other last year in class at Sauder Village and have struck up a nice friendship since.  I got to see her briefly this year and she looks great ~ and this week she sent me a piece of sparkly wool from her stash!!  When she saw me using it last year, she became hooked ~ another hooker hooked on sparkly wool!!  Love it!  In fact, I noticed more and more sparkles in the rugs this year than ever before!!

I think  this rug is a Susan Feller design ~ I know I've seen the pattern in her booth and just love the  idea of watering and nurturing a friendship ~ then watching it grow!
This rug was in the Holiday Challenge section of the show ~ look at this man's face.  The artist really captured the sad sweet soul of the old soldier holding his flag that he no doubt fought very hard for. 
I love this rug ~ a Woolley Fox adaptation of an antique rug that I think was on Ebay a year or two ago.  I  remember seeing the original for auction and I think it sold for many thousands of dollars!  A gorgeous antique rug and a gorgeous contemporary one!

Braiding is the art that ties these three rugs together! Very fine braiding at that! I LOVE the blue snowflake rug ~ each of the hooked snowflakes is surrounded by braided wool and attached to the blue background  ~ one of my favorites! They're all beautiful and I would think very hard to combine the two to the extent that was done on these rugs.

This was such an interesting display ~ in reading the printed material, we are told that a group of six artists worked on each rug.  One would start the piece, send it to the next and so on.  It is so hard to fathom that six rug hookers could create these ~ each doing their own thing.  If you double click the picture, you can see them more closely and get an idea of how they created these six very artistic rugs!  Really inspiring!

A felted wool roving coat!  With big loops of roving for the cuffs and collar and needlefelted designs for embellishment!  This was such an artistic piece ~ I wonder if the maker would really wear it ~ it was very unique!
These two rugs really stood out ~ the colors are great and they depict post cards from 'the olden days'. I remember seeing cards like this as my mom and I traveled around the country when I was a kid. My mom loved to drive and travel so when there was a little extra money, we hopped in the car! I got to see most of this country by the time I graduated high school because my mom was a brave soul to strike out on a trip with her little girl in tow and drive to California or Wyoming or Maine! These post card rugs definitely brought back some memories!

We had a great weekend ~ one of the last summer weekends of fun!  We went to Lakeside Saturday morning to the annual antique show ~ this was a yard across the street and it was very picturesque ~ I didn't realize the sunbeams were going to change what I saw but it was just such a welcoming little front yard, that I had to show it anyway.  Geraniums and ivy and old bicycles ~ so pretty!

Two of our purchases!  Exciting, hm?  To me, they are!  The big wire basket is from an old general store and along with the small red one, will make great displays for wool!  And Sonny bought a set of little wine glasses that the seller said were from Heineman's winery on Put-in-Bay ~ don't know if that's true but they are sweet little glasses ~ I'll take a picture if I can remember from now till the weekend!                                                               

We went to Put-in-Bay Saturday afternoon with a large group of friends ~ 16 of us at various times ~  Sonny's daughter, Korinna and her friend joined us!!  Hope they were up to hanging out with old people!!  We did have a good time ~ missed the Clydesdales that were there for a big parade ~ if they had paraded by the winery, we would have seen them!!!  I did get a picture of them lined up to board the ferry, if that counts!!  It was fun ~ and this week's fun is to get some wool dyed for my shows and help Teddy and Miki put the finishing touches on their new salon!  I've already had two calls this morning, so I better get in gear and go consult!!  Have a good week ~ I actually have two more rug posts, if you can stand it!  But I do think that those who aren't close enough to go to Sauder do like to see them!  I hope so!!  Ta ta for now, friends!  


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing all the rug photos for those of us who will likely never get to the Sauder show. There certainly is a range of amazing talent displayed.
P.S. Loved the comment about missing the horses (not parading past the winery!) Hehehe a gal after my own heart!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Love your new wire basket on legs for wool. It will complement the wool so well.
That house is just too sweet with the geraniums in the bicycle basket. Thanks so much for sharing!
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Alice I can never tire of your rug posts!!! More! more! More! And I love your wire baskets!!! SCORE!

Miccosukee said...

Thanks for sharing those rugs with us. I adore the Bev Conway hooker pattern. I have thought about hooking it but have so many others I need to do.
I agree with your take on the old soldier rug. It is heartwarming in so many ways.

Sorry you missed the Clydesdales. As one of very first assignments as a reporter was to interview them when they visited Tallahassee. That was a fun assignment, better than the tarantula one. That story is for another day.

Love your wire baskets. I have a big round one on wheels that I have kept wool in.

Take care during the busy week,

weaverpat said...

Thank you for sharing your photos of Sauder. Too far for me to go so it's nice to get a look at the rugs from people kind enough to post their pictures.
You do have the most interesting social life. Love hearing about it!

I Play Outside The Box said...

Your rugs rock!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You're all very welcome ~ thanks for reading!

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