Tuesday, July 20, 2010


That was yesterday ~ I hooked most of the day!  It was a  Great day!  I haven't hooked since the Kingwood hook-in and before that, it was in April when I started this pattern at Barbara Carroll's!  That's a long time to be away from the frame!  And I'm on my way back to the hooking room as soon as I finish this post!  Another happy day!  It is so easy to get out of the habit when 'life' dictates that we do other things.  On my sidebar, there is the logo of the "10 Minute Rug Hooker" and I definitely have not adhered to that at all ~ I thought about taking it down but it may serve as inspiration to a reader or even to me!

This morning, I took a picture of all the Black Eyed Susans ~ they're everywhere!!  Years ago, I planted a 6" pot from the greenhouse and if you have them in your garden, you know what happens!!  But they're such a bright spot, that you have to love them, no matter where they choose to grow!   This morning, I deadheaded some hostas and pulled out the wilting May apples ~ there was no  garden work all while the Seattle kids were here or last week on the 90 degree days!

These three guys are my three sons ~ Ted, Chris and  the little paleface is Tad, my oldest, who lives with us!  That boy goes outside rarely so this was just a great day for him ~ he got in the pool and had a great time ~ they even got him to go in Lake Erie!  While the Seattle crew were here, we spent three days at the lake with all their kids. One of our trips was to African Safari ~ what a scream ~ the kids loved it and so did I!  If you're ever in the Port Clinton area, you should gather up a carload of kids and go!  A lot went on that week ~ we had a cookout for all the kids ~ 25 of us ~ and had an 11th birthday party for Hunter, who has never celebrated his birthday with us here in Ohio!  We went to a family reunion for my former husband's family ~ they invite Sonny and I every year ~ we haven't been for quite a while but since all my kids were going, we did, too!  I always say that they can't get rid of me ~ we had a good time! 

In between paragraphs, I went to the hooking room for an hour and got quite a lot accomplished!  I could finish that rug, if I could hook the rest of today!!  Oh, well ~ off to take care of banking and then get my nails done!  I have to show that little house later today ~ I hope this is the new owner!!!!!!  A lot going on here, as usual!  We spent a really quiet weekend at the lake ~ quiet for us, anyway!  We did meet up with a group of people from home (Nancy, Martha, Ginger, Bev, Carole, Darby and Gene and Linda ~ it was great seeing all of you!)  on Friday night and that was very fun ~ went to garage sales on Johnson's Island on Saturday morning ~ that wasn't very much fun (we went around 11 a.m. and all the 'good stuff' was gone or maybe they never had any good stuff at all!)!  Johnson's Island was the site of a Confederate prison during the Civil War and has a Confederate soldiers' cemetery that is an interesting place to visit.  There are lots of cottages and big beautiful homes there ~ those people have the same kind of odds and ends to get rid of that we do ~ somehow, I thought it would be 'good stuff ' !!!  Then Sunday, we drove to Cleveland for a birthday party for our friend, Dick ~ hotter than hades ~ but fun to see him enjoy his day!!  Little League season is over so we have been game free for a couple of weeks ~ until last night's All Star game ~ grandson Jakob is playing but sadly last night's game didn't go so swell!!  One more chance on Wednesday! 

So that's our week in a nutshell ~ big shell ~ but I can't seem to condense my words!!  Happy summer to you!!

P.S. The MSHAW patterns are selling well ~ thanks girls for ordering!!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am fascinated by all you talented ladies doing the rugs. I have visited your site several times and thought I was a follower but it showed I wasn't so I corrected that today. lol
Love your site and looking forward to getting to know you too

weaverpat said...

What a delightful post!
You certainly have a large handsome family. It must be a great joy to you!
Glad you had some quiet time to hook. The cat rug is coming along nicely!

Kim said...

That picture of the boys is wonderful. Certainly looks like they were enjoying each other. I like this new rug. I have had such a busy few days I haven't picked up the hook as much as I would like.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Your boys are just too handsome ~ that's cuz they take after their momma!
Oh, your rug is lookin' great. Can't wait to see it all done!!! I think I've forgotten what my hook looks like. Hopefully Friday I will get to go hook.
I have black-eyed Susans everywhere, too!
Hugs :)

Jacque. said...

You are one busy woman!!! I am in love with your green/orange/purple cat rug!!!

Sharon Bloom said...

Blog hopping a bit this morning and came upon your blog. I don't know if I enjoy the hooked rugs or your garden pictures more! :) I'm a wanna-be rug hooker someday. First, I must finish a quilt I'm working on!

JoJo said...

Love your pictures, Alice. Your garden is, as usual, spectacular!! I wish I had your green fingers!

Unknown said...

Very Gorgeous People.. i felt Vivacious with your works.. very gloomy! Thanks!

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