Friday, February 19, 2010


Came to call on Monday ~ no school ~ she wanted to hang out with her "Bobo". We made some nice cinnamon muffins and got out the tea pots and frozen fruit (Luci loves frozen fruit that I keep for smoothies!). We had a fun day.

One evening this week, Luke and Luci were here and Sonny's daughter and boys ~ we had them all for supper ~ I've about outdone myself in the kitchen this week!!!

This is how much snow is on our deck from the snowstorms last week! It is just hard to believe how much snow fell out of the sky!!!! A lot of this happened while we were on our Florida trip ~ kind of unnerving to be gone and have Tad and the sitter home in a blizzard ~ but Sonny's boys came and plowed and shoveled the walk for us! That was a comfort ~ I didn't want Barb to feel trapped like a rat back in this winter wonderland!

And this is today ~ this flowering (not now of course) crab apple was home to a half dozen really fat robins today! I didn't grab the camera in time to get a photo of all of them but what a feast they were having ~ frozen crab apples! The sun was shining brightly today ~ it made the 34 degree temp seem so much warmer!

It's been a busy week ~ we have had an empty rental ~ finally got that rented today ~ such a relief! I've had rug hookers in and out this week and a new gal coming tomorrow! And someone coming to look at our antique log cabin that's for sale! So a lot going on here ~ I haven't hooked for a long time ~ am anxious to get back to that!

Think Spring!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Alice~Love your snowy pictures! Florida sounds wonderful!
Someplace warm any where really! Yes, lots of snow here for us too! So happy to hear that your rental was taken and possibly your cabin too!
Sweet blessings for you dear friend! hugs~Kathy

Tammy Burks said...

I'm thinking the silhouette of the birds on the branches would make a beautiful rug!

MyCretanlife said...

I just love your china in your picture. So many beautiful pieces to look at.

Julie said...

Adorable blog!! I need to stop complaining about our Winter...after seeing your pictures! Enjoyed my visit.


Soggibottom said...

I love your blog
I do't love the snow!