Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's been a week since I posted ~ time goes by so fast ~ it's like the world is spinning and I'm trying to catch up!!

Last Thursday, I went to the monthly hook-in in Akron so I'll do a quick run through for you! This rug is being worked on by various members of my friend, Donna's guild ~ it will be raffled off next year at their hook-in ~ very nice start, don't you think? I love the colors!

This is Linda and her horse head!! She took a class recently and the pattern was custom designed for her by the teacher ~ I think the rug will be a gift for someone near and dear to her! She's doing a wonderful job of shading with a wide cut ~ so many colors and she's doing the color planning herself!!

Judy started her elephant rug at Sauder Village this summer in a class with Diane Phillips!! She's almost done! If you focus only on the yellow, it seems very bright ~ but the overall effect is really a soft, muted look. A little factoid about Judy ~ she and her husband are cyclists ~ she rides her bike all over the state ~ and last year on a Bike Ohio trip, she rode past our house ~ and that's FAR from her house!!

I love sheep rugs! Karen's patriotic sheep is well on it's way! She had another rug there waiting to be bound ~ Karen hooks a lot, me thinks!!

GIVE THANKS! That's what Arlene's little turkey says. Again, her colors, each on their own, seem bright, but the overall effect is really muted and kind of antiquey looking. Arlene is so productive ~ she has a new rug going every time I see her. She and her husband are cyclists, too ~ this summer she emailed me photos of them cycling in Croatia, of all places!!! I think there's something to this biking ~ both Arlene and Judy are like little twigs ~ maybe I oughta (is that a word?) get my bike out!!!!!

Thursday was the first time that Shirley and I met and we discovered that we have a mutual friend, Lana! Shirley is hooking this Bev Conway pattern of this cute lady with a beehive ~ literally!! This is going to be such a cute rug!

Candy is the happiest lady ~ always smiling and laughing! She finished stitching this stocking together at the hook-in ~ it's for Gavin ~ his name is at the top but my photo is a little dark! She joined the wool backing to the hooked front with a blanket stitch done in yarn ~ it really makes a nice finish!

This nice tote bag is Candy's, too. It was a pattern by the Buckeye Guild and has Ohio's state bird, the cardinal, some proddy flowers and I'm just guessing the flag is Ohio's state flag ~ I'm just guessing! It's a good looking piece and very functional ~ Candy is a good hooker!!!

This black bear is being hooking in a fine cut! It is sizable and it is beautifully done by Tommy ~ another gal that I met for the first time on Thursday. Akron is an hour and 15 minutes from here, so I don't get there every month ~ I would love to ~ these gals are all so talented and very sharing. It's inspiring to see what they're doing!

Laurel's peacock rug is really gorgeous! It's her original design and she's doing a fabulous job on it! I had a photo with she and Donna and Judy holding the rug but this one showed it off best! Laurel was in the Sauder class with me this summer ~ she hooks beautifully and her color planning is top notch!! Donna was hooking that day but her rug is a 'secret' rug, so it couldn't be shown ~ more to follow!

I'm getting ready for the Rug Rave on Saturday ~ we have nine coming as of yesterday! I've been washing windows inside ~ I want the gals to be able to see out!! Right now, I'm heading for Kohl's ~ I have a 20% coupon and gotta get those Kohl's bucks ~ I have a few presents in mind! Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

Wow such beautiful rug. I especially love the bear and chick a dee's.
I have not hooked with anything smaller than a six, but always like the looks of the smaller cuts, all the shading is fabulous.

Maria said...

Alice, Wow it looks like you had fun! Those rugs are just wonderful. It is inspiring to see what everyone is working on. I've emailed the gal from the book about directions for the wool tongues. I'll keep you posted. Take care, Maria

Cathy G. said...

What fascinating rugs! It's so great to be able to see pics of the gals and hear a little about their interests besides rug hooking too! Thanks Alice! Cathy G

Kim said...

OMGosh!!! I am gonna LOVE that raffle rug and so am gonna NEED to buy some tickets when they're available! I LOVE it! My kinda rug!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Thanks for sharing the rugs, but where's yours? All the rugs are great, but I especially like the sheep and the peacocks.
I'm with you, girlfriend ~ I must get to Kohl's to use my 20% coupon, too. Anyone who buys at Kohl's without a coupon must be nuts!!!!!
Pug hugs :)

I Play Outside The Box said...

Awesome hooking y'all!! Love that sheep the best!

Dag said...

wow, those peacocks really talk to me!! --- and i am still in search of a post about the catfish :-)