Monday, October 26, 2009


Friday night fun ~ we went out to eat and then stopped at a local spot to listen to The Island Doctor ~ he sounded like James Taylor ~ we enjoyed him a lot and the old guy and I danced up a storm! But the highlight of the evening was this girl and her parrot!! She was there most of the evening ~ she danced ~ Muffin danced (that's the bird) and they were quite entertaining! Muffin sat on people's arms and you could pet her ~ she was very well behaved to be out with all these folks and loud music! Really, there's nothing like a pretty girl and her dancing bird to get the attention of a bunch of people catching the last bit of Fall fun! We ran into a couple we know from town and they introduced us to a fellow who, as it ends up, is our neighbor across the street here at home!!! He said he has wonderful parties and will invite us!! We'll be waiting!!

This motley crew ~ John and Karen in the middle and her brother and sister and spouses ~ dressed in their Halloween finery! This group went to Kelleys and six of us did not!! I can hardly believe it but it was cold and blowy and we decided not to brave the elements and stayed on the mainland!! I hope I'm not getting old!! I really couldn't believe that I opted out of Halloween fun and I told them next year I won't be such a weiner!! Yes, that's what I called myself!! But those of us who stayed behind had our own kind of fun, of course!! Went to a little place over on Catawba for some supper ~ ran into people we knew ~ and some that we didn't but made friends with anyway!! Then went to Mon Ami to listen to music and we danced some more!!! Ran into people that knew my son, Ted ~ she said 'you have to be Teddy's mother, you look just like him'!! Oh, he will be soooo happy!!

This was Karen's centerpiece and a nice pumpkin roll in front of it!! That was gone in short order!! They wined us and dined us with a mummy cheese log, crab roll ups that were to look like snakes ~ so yummy! Turkey tetrazini and chinese cookies ~ I had a late night craving for something sweet, so they gave me permission to take their key and I went in before they got home from Kelley's and had a cookie and some chocolate!! Good neighbors!!

Karen made each of us a little favor to take home ~ cute little tombstones with funny sayings and something to munch on!! Anyway, it was a fun afternoon and a great weekend overall! As I've said before and I'll say it again ~ I'm so grateful for all our friends up there ~ we have a great time ~ we're like a little lake family!

So, here we are, back at home ~ cutting back the garden and getting ready for a group to come on Friday! I better figure out what I'm serving ~ of course, I have several days to work on that!! Something nice and soothing for this Fall weather!

I did some hooking this morning! I brought home the rug I was working on at the lake ~ and decided since I haven't done a very good job of going down to hook every evening, that I would try it in the morning!! I hooked for an hour while watching The View so I definitely made some progress!

Have a good week, everybody!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
As always the party girl ~ and NO, you're not getting old. I'm sure you could out-party the youngsters!!! Now me, that's another story ~ never the party girl ;(
Pug hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Alice~thank you for a much needed smile and laugh! You are a darling!

Jennifer said...

Hi Alice,

I have loved reading your blog. Reading your words is like having a conversation with you - so enjoyable! I'd love to get a group together and schedule a class with you. I'm so gladd that Thad and I ran into you and Sonny (and Giddyup Dave) on Friday night! And as "Lauren" posted, "always the party girl!!"


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Lauren and Kathy ~ you guys are too kind!! Thank you!

Jennifer! You found it ~ thanks for stopping by and I would love to have you come take a class ~ just let me know!! And we were so glad to run into you as well ~ haven't seen the neighbor yet but probably will sometime!! That was really a fun evening ~ I've been a lot of places but never saw anybody bring their bird out for the evening!! Take care ~ Alice