Monday, August 24, 2009


Don't you just love all these rugs? They are Maria Barton's designs, hooked by her! Check out Maria's blog and there you'll find a link to her website! Maria's designs all have a very unique look and her color story is very much her own as well. You can almost always spot her designs, although Maria seems surprised at that!

These, too, are Miss Maria's ~ distintively hers! I met Maria several years ago at a class and then we both were invited to go to Barbara Carroll's by our mutual friend, Donna!! We had a great time ~ and Maria brought these great peanut butter cup cookies that she made ~ she became my new best friend!! And we're all going to be together again in November ~ get ready girls!!!

These two rugs are an Edyth Oneill design ~ "Oliver Cromwell" I believe ~ both great in color ~ this is a very intricate pattern ~ they looked good together!
I loved these three rugs with a Florida theme ~ the three flamingos rug had a sculptured edge at the top of the middle guy's head ~ a nice touch. The starfish rug really appealed to me ~ it would fit right in our weekend retreat!! And the very colorful fish rug would, too!

There was a large display of rugs done by a rug hooker from long ago ~ I intended to get the name and some details but the week got away from me. This rug was soooo long and done beautifully ~ a narrow cut with such perfect background shading from the center out to the darker border ~ the lady was an artist for sure. Some of the rugs were done in two pieces and were hooked to be displayed in a corner ~ very interesting!

Linda Malarny's home and rugs are going to be in the newest Celebrations magazine ~ many of her rugs were on display and they are so nice! Linda was in my class that week and I enjoyed her a lot ~ I'm looking forward to reading all about her work!!

This "Giant Baby" rug was taken from a circus poster, if I remember what I read!! Don't you just love it?!

I took this picture because I really like the colorations of these rugs ~ all nice and dark and very antiquey looking ~ I don't think that's a word ~ antiquey ~ but you know what I mean!!

The same goes for these two rugs ~ the twig-type arrangement in this bowl with the tongue border just looks so old ~ love them both!

And last, but not least, is this cat's paw rug hooked by Pat Mensing!! I hope Pat reads my blog because I think she's a great gal!! When we met last year at a hook-in, she told us about this rug that she got started for her granddaughter and her friend ~ they wanted to hook and she thought this was a great project for them! If I read her description correctly, I think Pat hooked almost all of this rug herself!! She spent an afternoon hooking with us up at our lake condo last summer ~ very fun!! I missed seeing her this year because I was in class all day ~ that was a drawback because on the opening day of the rug show, you see so many people you know ~ that's always fun!

There are still more rug photos for later this week so stay tuned! We had a fun weekend at the lake ~ had friends stay Friday night ~ Saturday, we went to an open house at the NorEaster club (membership drive) and saw so many people we know from home!! We had a great time there ~ would love to join! Saturday night we sat on the rocks with our friends ~ had a visit from a little mouse ~ not afraid of anything ~ actually, the little beast crawled into Carol's cocktail while it sat on the ground and had a little sip!! If it hadn't been for her husband's keen ears (he heard the ice jingling), Mousie probably would have drank the entire thing!! Yikes ~ we'll be taking traps next week!!! We have a bunny living under the boardwalk and someone thought they saw a MUSCRAT one evening!!! There's almost as much animal life up there as here in our woods!!!!

Sunday we had lots of company ~ a couple from Taiwan who were in the states for a couple of weeks brought their new son to meet us ~ some friends from home stopped in while on a Sunday drive and our friend, Rich, brought his kids over to see Sonny's boat bar!! It was like open house!!

We have to say CONGRATULATIONS to our friends, Diane and Greg, who became first-time grandparents on Saturday!! Madelyn Rose will be a well-loved little girl!!

That's it for today ~ wool dying and project making are on my agenda for the next three weeks!! Have a good day, all!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Alice! I enjoyed your pictures of the rug show...I picked out a few that I would love to own too! So many really talented ladies that's for sure! They were all just beautiful! One of these days.....I had originally thought that I would like to take one of your classes, but now I've been thinking that it might be more fun if I take a class "with" you!! I'm pretty sure you would make just about anything more fun!(: Have a wonderful week Alice!

WoolenSails said...

What great rugs, love the one you called a circus rug with the house. Nice theme and prim look.


Kim said...

Great pics! That cat's paw is right up my alley! LOVE it!!!! Is that an easy pattern to draw? That I could draw myself? :o)

Anonymous said...

Such stunning rugs!!! I especially love Maria's rugs. I would love that peanut butter cup cookie recipe :)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

If I remember correctly, the cookie recipe is - refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough ~ slice ~ cut in quarters ~ put each quarter in a mini-muffin tin ~ bake ~ and immediately on removal from oven, place a mini peanut butter cup in the baked cookie!! Cool and eat as many as the law allows!!!! Maybe if Maria is reading, she will correct or confirm her yummy recipe!!
Glad you all are enjoying the rug photos ~ they really are works of art ~ each and every one!

dulcy said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this gorgeous rug show! I love your posts! Also....those peanut butter cookies you mentioned are making my mouth water.....