Saturday, February 21, 2009


Finally ~ some rug hooking to write about!! You know, once I get out of the groove of posting on the blog, it is so hard to get back ~ like exercise, I guess ~ I love it when I read other blogs that post often and here I am, dragging my blogging feet!!! So, I have background in around the tree on the right side of the pattern and two purple stars filled in!! PROGRESS!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

And this is where I did it ~ at the monthly hooking in Akron that I occasionally get to! Now that my friend, Heidi (pictured here hooking on a BIG crow) goes along, I am getting there more often! Jane is right behind her, hooking on a big mama-jama flower rug!
These ladies were all hooking so diligently on their beautiful rugs ~ wish I had taken pictures of what everyone was doing. They showed us these neat hooked pouches they had made for their hooking tools ~ I might have to work on one of those!!

Karen is almost done with a pretty large star rug design ~ very nice!! And my friends, Donna and Arlene, are in serious conversation while the other gals are hooking away!! I enjoy these days so much ~ just seeing what everyone is doing and there are always new books to look at and just lots of information flying around! It's a great group ~ no president ~ no dues ~ bring your lunch if you want to eat ~ just come and get in some good hooking time!! I seem to visit a lot and probably don't hook as much as I think I'm going to!! Hope they all like seeing their pix on the blog!!

This was a crazy layout of pictures ~ two got centered and the text underneath ~ I just couldn't go back and move it all around ~ it looks dumb but at least you get to see the pictures!! It's been a quiet week for us ~ I'm having a hard time getting grounded after being gone on vacation ~ I'm still on vacation in my mind, I think!! I did go to Columbus shopping yesterday with a couple friends and we met a couple of old (they're not old - I should say 'former') neighbors who now live there, for lunch!! We had a great time ~ went to a new English Pub and had great food and lemon drop martinis and laughed and laughed!! We had such fun that we're going to meet there for lunch on St. Patty's Day!!!!

I'm actually headed down to the hooking room for a while ~ then tonite we go to a Kiwanis reverse raffle ~ the grand prize is a $1000 ~ maybe we'll win!! Hope you all are having a good weekend and that it's not too cold wherever you are!! Spring is on it's way!!!!!!!!


Hooked on Primitives said...

Wonderful!!! The colors and design are wonderful!!! Keep us posted!!! Cathy

JoJo said...

Alice, I love the progress on your American Fish rug. Doesn't it feel good to sit down and get back to hooking?

The hook-in in Akron looks like fun. I know we surely have a ball here in Topeka at our hook-in and now, this Saturday, we have the huge Lenexa, KS hook-in to look forward to. It's so inspiring to see what everyone is working on.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and........did you win the $1,000??