Friday, July 11, 2008


Good Morning! It's a beautiful day out ~ sun shining ~ no rain and it's FRIDAY!! Finally, some real progress on the Catfish rug! Tuesday and Wednesday night, I hooked the color into the circles and yesterday, when we went to Akron hooking, I filled in the black background. So it just makes me feel like I covered some ground. Usually I cut a few strips, hook and cut some more ~ but since this rug has been travelling to the lake and various hook-ins, I have cut a bunch and it does seem to move faster. I have a little stand that I attach the Townsend cutter to and keep it right by my chair ~ I'm not jumping up and down to cut ~ it's right by my side!! Mr. Catfish is off the to the lake this afternoon ~ hopefully, there is some hooking time this weekend in between the fun!

My sister went home from the hospital YESTERDAY! They don't keep you in the hospital very long anymore, regardless of how serious the illness ~ I think pretty soon, we'll just be driving through the parking lot ~ they'll treat us ~ and send us on our way! So, with rest and medicine, I hope my 'seester' will be her old self soon!!!

Have some fun and sun this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice...
Your Mr Catfish is looking really great! : )
And I hope your sister is feeling better now.
Hugs to you...and Happy Hooking! Sunnie : )

JoJo said...

Alice, I hope a weekend at home did your sister a world of good and she's feeling back to her old self. Mr. Catfish is almost done....and looking good!