Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This morning while at my computer, a mama deer and her twin speckled babies walked by the office window!! I didn't get the camera soon enough to get a really good picture, but if you double-click you can see the little guy pretty well!! Nice way to start the morning ~ but if those little duffers start nibbling on the hostas ~ it won't be such a happy story!!
The little 'Welcome' mat was a big success!! Actually, when they opened it, I wasn't sure ~ but her sister loved it!! And the sister's husband said 'that isn't just rug hooking, that's art"!! Well, you can only imagine how much I liked hearing that!!! And then this morning, there was a message on the answering machine that my friend left last night, saying how much she really loved it and that she hung it over a door just as you walk in her front door and that she would always think of us when she sees it!! PERFECT!! This is only the second piece of hooking I have given as a gift because you don't know how someone might perceive it ~ since my efforts were well received ~ I am a happy hooker!!
Dinner at Chez Francois was wonderful ~ it always is!! My husband had soft shell crab and lobster bisque, which he loves and I had lobster-stuffed zucchini blossoms and red snapper dredged in almond flour and a benedictine sauce!! And a scrumptious pomegranate martini ~ well, two, actually!! And always healthy, sorbet for dessert!! Along with a complimentary dessert wine!! Believe me ~ a good time was had by all!!!
Saturday evening, we (our lake friends and us) went out for Mexican food, and a couple of other stops before and after and then came back and sat on the rocks!! The stars were shining brightly and there were no mayflies/Canadian soldiers to "bug" us and we even saw a couple of shooting stars!! As one of our friends said "it was so celestial" ~ yes, it was!! Other than that, we had a quiet weekend, enjoying looking at the water and having some down time.
That's it for today ~ hope all is well your corners of the world!


JoJo said...

Alice, this little fawn is adorable! How lucky you were to be able to catch his picture!

I'm glad your welcome rug was so well received. It IS art and don't you let anyone tell your differently!

I'm so envious of your time at the lake.....it always sounds so wonderful. But I have to quit reading about what you're eating....it just makes me hungry!

woollylottrugs said...

Alice... I'm loving your blog. You're doing a great job!! I'm trying to get some pics together to blog. I don't seem to have much to say. LOL ~Cyndi

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Cyndi ~ You do have something to say, I just bet!! I keep checking your blog waiting for new words ~ Tell us about what you're hooking and what's going on in your life!
And Cyndi and JoJo ~ you say the nicest things ~ Thank You!!!